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Carl Martin Vintage user reviews

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018

    Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018 - "From Eerie Pink Floyd to Surf Rock,the Surf Trem is excellent value" has images


    SOUND: Below is a YouTube demonstration video on the Carl Martin Surf Vibe 2018, which is the latest ‘scaled down’ or streamlined pedal board version of this classic. The Surf Trem i…

  • Carl Martin DC-Drive 2017

    Carl Martin DC-Drive 2017 - "Make Any Amp Sound Better!" has images


    SOUND: Below is a video demo that utilizes a Taurus amplifier, but also various amp simulations (via Positive Grid’s Bias 2), and later the Carvin Legacy (Vai) Drive. After listeni…

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem

    Carl Martin Surf Trem - " Excellent"


    1 potentiometer Depth 1 Speed ​​knob 1 Bypass 1 input jack, 1 output jack Alim by 9 volt battery or transformer UTILIZATION Very simple. SOUND QUALITY Its very vintage oriented type tremolo Vox. OVERALL OPINION That's exactly what I w…

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem

    Carl Martin Surf Trem - Adrimed's review


    Carl Martin Surf Trem. Analog effect with digital clock. 1 input 1 output jack. True bypass, power or 9 volt battery sector. 2 knobs depht / speed. Power LEDs. USE Nothing is easier, speed for speed and depht for intensity. SOUND…

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem

    Carl Martin Surf Trem - solo84's review


    Tremolo-analog waveform which is controlled by a digital clock -Few settings, but very effective Case-solid -Bypass logic UTILIZATION Simple SOUND QUALITY Excellent sound, vintage atmosphere! It is very very good job without coloring th…

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem

    Carl Martin Surf Trem - Faber_FDM's review


    It all depends on what you expect from a trmolo. Here, a single shape, sinusoidal. No form of knob, one type of tremolo, so that many of the vintage Vox and Fender amplifiers. Two among jack, battery or adapter 9V, the cabin is metal, it must be ab…