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Cases user reviews

  • SKB Space Roto Rack 6U

    SKB Space Roto Rack 6U - Kierkes's review


    The SKB Roto Rack is a neat looking rack designed for a budget minded traveling musician. I say this with a certain degree of hesitation because quite frankly, for many musicians that this review will pertain to, you may be buying your first rack. An…

  • Reunion Blues Continental Electric

    Reunion Blues Continental Electric - "The very best of both worlds"


    Features: - Impeccably durable construction - ABS shock panels throughout - Heavy duty zippers - Handy pockets - Lightweight - Neck support - Velcro secured - Discrete straps - Water resistant Usability: This case is the definition of…

  • SKB X-rack 4

    SKB X-rack 4 - "Does what it's supposed to"


    I received this unit late in 2010 as the result of a trade. I needed a compact rack for a Furman PL-Plus (which I also got in the trade) and a power amp. I currently also have a Grundorf 4 space wooden rack case that has served me well over the ye…

  • Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack

    Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack - moosers's review


    The Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack is a casing that holds two Neve channel strips from a console. You can't just take a Neve module out of the home that powers it up without putting it in a new one. This is exactly what this is for, and it comes…

  • Gator Cases GR-8L

    Gator Cases GR-8L - moosers's review


    The Gator GR 8L Rack Flycase 8U has been a part of my recording set up for a while now.  I've gone through a lot of these throughout the years, and thus far I've got to say that this one is my favorite.  While it doesn't hold all that many different …

  • Thon Flight case à roulettes pour combos

    Thon Flight case à roulettes pour combos - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Sebpoto/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 7-mm Birch flight case with blue rubber casters, internal padding with additional foam covering and side butterfly catches. This flight case is perfectly manufactured and provi…

Translated user reviews
  • Thon Flycase Mesa rectifier 2X12 Cab

    Thon Flycase Mesa rectifier 2X12 Cab - " Perfect !!"


    I used the last 2 years, I did not try other model, with this speaker! ... it protects, c is the solid, c is made for the road, very convenient to put in the trunk, it rolls, it's a drag ... we can raise the speaker output and once placed on it! ..…

  • Gator Cases G-Tour X32

    Gator Cases G-Tour X32 - " very good fly box!!"


    I use my fly box gator for my X32 for a year and it has not changed since then; it is very functional but mostly it has everything to its low price: foam backing, back top, reinforced at the corners and side, wheels ..... …

  • Stagg ABS-4U

    Stagg ABS-4U - " Practical and sturdy"


    I use it for two months but I have not transported from evil. What I like is its solid appearance and handling practice with a handle on each side (to raise two) even if it is unpleasant to wear (gloves recommended). Well as practical full-open, …

  • Vexi Flight Case Yamaha 02R

    Vexi Flight Case Yamaha 02R - " I recommend"


    I use it for 4 months I had many flight of very poor quality (rivets falling near the woods, ill-fitting angles etc ...) There is no problem that manufactured in France and more :-) I like the option as seen with the wheel weight on the beast t…