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  • Casio LK-100

    Casio LK-100 - "Great Digital Piano"


    This is a 61 Key digital piano. It has a Mic in, Headphones/Output, Sustain pedal input, A MIDI out and in, and a 9V DC, center negative in. There are 100 built in tones/instruments, 50 Rhythms, and 100 Songs. You can adjust the tempo of the song and…

  • Casio LK-125

    Casio LK-125 - " A purchase"


    There is a keyboard synthesizer with a wide range of effects. It does not, however, has a midi connection. UTILIZATION The general configuration of this synthesizer is rather simple to use. Simply select piece of music / rhythm or instrument and …

  • Casio LK-50

    Casio LK-50 - Tyokkann's review


    Arranger keyboard 5 octaves - 61 keys with a dynamic point of support for split System illuminated buttons (off) to learn more easily and to play rapidememnt 137 different sounds 100 different rhythms and accompaniments 4 different methods o…

  • Casio LK-50

    Casio LK-50 - thebestdu55's review


    I would say that I have a lk-50 and it is great. UTILIZATION Everything is simple and easy to understand. OVERALL OPINION He has a good sound …