Casio LK-125
Casio LK-125

LK-125, Keyboard Arranger from Casio in the Key Lightning series.

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hamtarock 12/13/2013

Casio LK-125 : hamtarock's user review

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There is a keyboard synthesizer with a wide range of effects. It does not, however, has a midi connection.


The general configuration of this synthesizer is rather simple to use. Simply select piece of music / rhythm or instrument and enter the corresponding number. It offers a wide range of rhythms (pplus 50 I think), music playing with Keylight system (one hundred) and a large number of instruments also (organ piano through the clarinet or violin). The manual is generally clear.


I recently bought this synthesizer is ideal for beginners people. It has a three-step learning system that allows you to quickly play songs such as the 4 seasons or letter to Elise, mostly pieces of classical music. When you play the songs a voice guides you finger placement which is very practical to learn to play properly.
I regret a little bit is the sound that sounds - admittedly, not like a real piano for this price and perhaps also the more classic style of music, it would have been pretty good to introduce some its variety but hey it's a matter of taste. A little regret as the fact that there is no output to connect to a computer (iya only a power socket and a headphone output).
In general, I really recommend it. This product is a great purchase that I took to offer, now I hesitate to buy one too!