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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 15 reviews )
 11 reviews73 %
 3 reviews20 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Czar's review"Joemeek Twin Q"

Joemeek TwinQ
I'm not a fan of green but the joemeek twinQ is sexy. Dual channel strip with EQ, compressor, and mic pre, and of course DI.

I got this to have a channel strip to use for recording and to run tracks through to mix. I purchased this from American Musical for $949 and got two free Joemeek mics with them as well.

The mic pre sounds good. I wouldn't put them up there with API and Trident pre's but they are a step up from your typical audio interface pre's. I like the EQ, I like to add some air to vocals while recording and this has a 12k button. The twinQ has digital out which is great if you don't want your interface to do A/D conversion on your signal.
The DI sounds GREAT on bass. This unit has given me the best bass sound I've ever recorded.

My biggest gripe is the compressor. I just couldn't get a gentle setting from it, which is what I wanted on vocals.

The build quality is good.

If your a guitar player you would love this, as far as for vocals I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted. This unit just doesn't fit my needs, but in the right hands I do believe it can work magic.

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overson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Its very good"

Joemeek TwinQ
I think that says it all!


Not need manual for this type of machine.
But beware the compressor, you need a good ear


I use it mostly on the snare and kick
Big rock sound


I use it for 2 years and I care!
Beautiful color rock
Very good value: price

Madness`'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Preamp proper"

Joemeek TwinQ
Transistor preamp and compressor channel strip with (optical) and EQ
Rack-mount model
XLR inputs for mics and inserts at the back and line input jack on the front


The knobs fragile plastic, so be careful not to brutalize the beast!


Sound, this is a great subject ... The preamp gives a little round, do not expect the 'transparent', it tends to give a rock sound but with a good mix, a recorded voice for a ride going very well.


I use it for 4 years, I've experienced during this time an Avalon VT, a Drawmer 1960, a Behringer Ultragain, a Presonus TubePre ...

The pros:
- Full equalizer that allows the sound to work as desired
- How 'Iron' who really gives a more 'gross', making for a bass or guitar in Red Hot, a wonder!
- The link function

The -:
- The preamp is very distinctive and the color may become soulant force ...
- The face buttons to activate the 48v, or the pad or line that spit, consider lowering your monitorings
- The breath of the preamp after 40% gain
- The compressor is very particular, he has spent months before I found the right set, a compressor that deserves to spend time

The value is really OK, I bought it at 670 € and I realize in writing this opinion that the price has risen about 30%, I tell myself that I did well to keep it.

In conclusion, I am really satisfied with this product, since a lasting investment for now, no major concern. For those interested, I have some mp3 recording electric guitars neutral and then passed through the TwinQ!

Deserteurs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Joemeek TwinQ
Analog transistor.
XLR + instruments
SPDIF output, optical, word clock in.
XLR / jack
Jack insert.

48v, pad, line, phase reverse, low cut, "iron".

Prémapli, optical compressor, EQ 3 band semi parametric.


For me it is not easy.
The preamp's going;) EQ also ...
but the compressor is a different kettle of fish!
It should be handled with care, and we do not do evil hands on it before you get to do something terrible, and I can not say that I was coming.
In any case it is very colorful!
The EQ, it is very beautiful, very musical addition.


The preamp is special to love, it depends very much on the source and the microphone (AHB as you tell me ...).

It is very colorful, quite vague, I would say tight (a little low offset, low medium well now, giving the impression of heat, acute deleted.)
On the vote, he can not be bad when you want to give a very rock, and no one wants a beautiful voice well transcribed.
On electric guitars cons, I find it very often (eg strato crunchy), but also it is better that it be a rock record.
On bass, I generally find it great, I quickly look better with my other preamps (goldmike, Saffire Pro, digimax D8) especially with a M88Tg from beyerdynamic.

For the snare and bass drums, rock still register it excellent, and this is you can let go with the EQ!

That's why I still "good", to the extent it is effective in a register and a willingness particular sound.


I utlise for 3 or 4 years.
I love his EQ.
What I like least is that it does not really going anywhere.
I bought it new, and in retrospect it's worth in OCCAZ, but I have doubts on the value price of nine.

le_kornichon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
This rack is full trs:

- Prampli and micro instruments, analog transistors with an effective low-cut filter (not information technology but it cleans well without dtimbrer down) and the possibility of a transformer input insrer e (thanks to the switch "IRON").
- Equaliser 3-band (I will not be seen any Retailer trs well on the photo)
- Optical Compressor trs (too?) Efficient compressors linker can be of two channels for Stereo, the compressor then acts Fawn identical on both channels even if only one adpass dclenchement threshold. This fast as your image is stro walking from right to left and from left to right gr compression
- A VU-nitre three functions (PRE, POST, and GAIN REDUCTION), and LEDs around to see where we are in a glance. Unfortunately, the compressor LED is blue, and I hate blue LEDs, especially when (as is the case here) it is four times more powerful than the green and orange LEDs.
- An analog-> numrique of quality output with S / PDIF coaxial (RCA) and optical and AES / EBU XLR, with between WordClock.
- A connection with a pro trs insert point (APRS pramp but before the effects) switches and line output level (-10dB, +4 dB).

For the price and has cost even if it has cost 10 times the price nothing wrong, the 10/10 is MRIT Oh no, the srigraphie (very clear, one of stumbling can learn by watching, no manual) is still limited even taste level: fonts have characters t really BCLE. 9.5, then. I know I'm quibbling, and I admit that the policies of srigraphie, a disagreement over the final mix


It's too easy to use that thing the I cross there on the market is no better product at IT CAN BE USED. A breeze! Everything is clear and we control the BTE in the blink of an eye.

The manual is in English and I did not find any technical info I'm looking for, but hey, "if it's sounds right, it's right", as Joe said the first (that same criterion of box)! So never mind, I put the low-cut if it sounds better, and too bad if it is 65 or 90 Hz, or 18 6dB/oct

The only concern I have with just sync with the Digi002: when using jointly TwinQ S / PDIF and ADAT Focusrite OctoPre LE, I often have problem of the missing clicks WordClock on 002

Something both MRIT damn good 10/10! Hop!


The Prampli:

It sounds, it's clear, it sounds really good even. But it is not everything, its texture a little sal intends it to Rock, Hip-Hop or why not jazz, but the variation on 'or classical, or ds o is the moment TRS seeks its own, and ar Dfine, it really is not the pramp IDAL.
IRON switch to insert a transformer between inputs even when some versatility. It changes the color of sound, with a trs diffrent made according to the micro that connects it. Sometimes it's more dirty or tuft sometimes it's richer and Submitted.
The "Meequalizer"

This is really qualo gnial, what a pity that there have not two or three bands supplmentaires! Down, it is effective, but in addition, it is just wonderful! It can give a serious EHJV to plug any one knows how, or bring the chased and the prsence dnaturer without the sound or make it artificial. And yet the flexibility is great, you can REALLY awesome sound will. I too have a Soundcraft Spirit Studio 32/8/2 in, and suddenly the equalizer seems to me really rotten, yes.

The Compressor:

Then the I will have the exprience supplmentaire to better talk about it. Strange to rev it Ragit: it compresses even with a ratio of 1 / 1, and go somewhere to find the time rglage that sounds, otherwise it can spoil the sound very easy. I'll come when I have found the trick


I did the last few days and I love it! I did a lot of dj mixes and face, and I want more! It's amazing that we find this kind of machines that price
I Achteras a well deuxime


It's really a good machine trs, trs but type. It only serves to make the big sound is excellent when looking for a sound that comes out immediately at the mix with a color particulire. For crystal clear and transparent, look elsewhere.
The pramp is clean enough but lacks a bit of gain my taste (or too out of breath on the latest millimtres the knob), the switch IRON colors the mediums, their momentum is increased and we get something more strong and powerful that emerges right away (if it's really what we want, I use it only rarely, but in these cases it really brings a plus). The EQ is good but trs cup a little sound. Nothing serious, but still the color that nice "compact" sound a little boost in the areas. The compressor is unique and is not everything, but what he does, I do not see that he does.
I love the snare and bass drums, the bass (excellent as DI), and the synths particulirement. But I did a lot of things, voices and guitars punk rock, and even the sound of acoustic orchestra and chorus!

In complment, j'hsite between a slice stro Toft Audio Design (same kind of machine that TwinQ) or an Apogee MiniMP (pramp converter-transparent) used. It's going to dpendre if I do more than rock and more classical

Nonolepiano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
See other reviews
Actually lack a complete link (linker can not the comp)


The preamp is great, équalo too am on the comp but also need the time to take it in hand, then I'm not there yet. In any case, it seems to me highly effective but not for the full mix, the settings are detailed and quickly we fall into pumping ... on the other hand I served in the decision to vote, it actually colored, but very nice color, but is clean if desired.
The manual is only angais, pity ...
I adooooooooore the insert that allows me via a to / from the PC to a colorless comp or EQ my grotools ... very efficient, and makes extremely versatile machine. I would even say that the inserts have been an essential feature in my choice, and I'm not disappointed.


If we only use the preamp, I found it certainly colorful but not too much, the color seems advantage provided by the compressor.
I have medium-range microphones, AKG C3000B SCT2000 RODE NT3 ect .. and they emerge grandis !!!


This slice is simply huge, I think for the better, you really hit home Manley and other high-end,
I remake this choice without much hesitation, I did that for three days but I can no longer live without it, I can only imagine what it will bring to me when I shall serve me well the comp.
Happiness 2U rack ...
Go I return

Djhodjho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
- Prampli both channels transistor
- Semi Eq Settings, low cut, optical compressor
- XLR connectors (microphone) and TRS (line and instrument) and especially ADAT OUT!
- Easily Rackable


- Fairly easy to use optical compressor expt rgler subtle enough that the beginners could dcourager
- Given enough imprcis meters, peak LED that lights when the signal is not saturated is best done before any of his ears
- No problem sync with my Motu 828 mk2
- Abscence of link for both channels (compressor only)

development days in January 2011: The optical link does not work anymore: bp dcrochage and clik numriques. Trs trs not serious in itself but do not buy this product for a (I think it's not the trs good converters in)


- Prampli not transparent. Use with NT and 2000 on 414 of the voice is the color with a vintage mdium (1-4kHz) quite powerful
- With the compressor (strength of pramp) is even more color and trs effective voices
- Trs made as good on bass, kicks, snares, the overhead and keyboards ...
- Only small BMOL; a fairly feeble gain for low level sources (soft guitars, vocals murmur excssivement forcing up the level which Ramna background noise too pronnoncbr /> - The eq imprcises are, they only serve to correct the signal grossirement


- I use it for 6 months mainly singing but also bass, drums, violin, guitar
- What I like most is the particularity of its grain in particular thanks to use of the compressor. Suitable for music pchus but less well for instrument sets softer (relative lack of gain)
- I tried the SPL Channel One, Track SSL channel, Art Mpa Gold, in view of the price is the MODEL me most sduit his thanks CHARACTERISTICS
- The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, there is no direct competitor that MODEL
- I would do without this choice problem even if I plan to also invest in a lamp prampli for other colors

muzikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
See the characteristics perfectly dcrites in notices prcdents


The usage is simple when ds that we know the rules properly dj using a prampli. For the compressor, see below. It has no self rglage (for attack or realease, and it is not wrong because often a render mediocre) or preset. It rgle ear taking into account the very spcifiques reactions optical compressors. The Qualo both he, very easy to use.


Then the sound.

Prampli micro part: it is silent, except in the last tenth of gain (as virtually all pramplis). The only feature gain is good but be careful not to clip because the distortion generates is not very musical (I remmorre the pramplis a Tascam M520 30, fat and p chu donf in red ...).
Regarding the sound even in him, he is generally transparent but with the body in the mdium without being dnu finesse. In dfinitive, trslgrement british color. Essay with NT2 (very well, well made piqu) MK319 (corpulent) SCT2000 (beautiful), SE3 (Nickel), SM57 (very well especially for the signal / noise ratio). The "iron" brings more presence, and thickness of harmonics in the register mdium / upper medium without providing an ounce of aggressiveness.
Part prampli online and intstru. :dropoff Window
A bass is THE revelation. It is a veritable prampli standalone instrument with the body and dynamics. A bass with a TS9 in Joe 'I've ever heard ...
In line: My synths and expanders (guitarist'm based) two balls rennaissent (D50, JV1010 ...). The pianos regain the thickness and dynamics, the strings of corpulence. With and without the TWIN Q, the difference is really standard. A Russianness.

Equalo: It is very musical and objectively effective (the reference Qualo my Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24/8/2 to the rank of toy). It adds frequencies (that is the most difficult, remove less problematic) without dtimbr the instrument. So we believe that the correction brings is the original sound of the instrument. Very useful on an instrument (bass, synth. No interest for micro taken that principle must be ralises without correction.

Compressor: Houlala, it is a sacred part. Its use ncessite few hours testing, relevs and comparison. I do not advise beginners that may be due. Of bmols compared to other opinions. In use it is absolutely transparent. This is an electronics that do not prtend to be, it colors the sound intentionally. Beyond the ratios of 2 does prsentent little interest (or raliser effects "pumping" really patatent). The attack and realease must be wide open to me. I note for my part attnuation acute spectrum when it is on, but very sweet attnuation of "silk and velvet" I want to say. Good used advisedly, for example with a condenser microphone very (too) prcis source on the top mdium Introduced has softened all surprisingly fawn.

And last but not least, this compressor brings the body, a thickness, a fat grain of it is hard to dfaire ... More than a compressor, it is an instrument fledged.
From the moment when we apprhende out its work, we can play very effective fawn with a brand sound identity. For rock, pop and others, we do get to spend more. For classical, go your way.

A clever trick: the beast possde for each channel an insert (gnial). You plug permanently a compressor, it transparent (like me FMR RNC 1773) and according to the provisions made, do without one another compressor if you want a color that knocks or transparency and finesse .dropoff window L is the top (obviously under the budget).


I use it for 6 months

- Prampli mic and line / instrument of excellent quality. So true versatility.
- Equalo very beautiful
- Compressor typ the very identity mark, formidable efficiency and musicality when rgl well.
- Two slices of prampli Qualo compressor and a price drisoire
- Overall good manufacturing Qualit

The least:

- Prampli not pretty in red
- Compressor typ (? Too) that can tire of some (the insert can be an alternative ...) rglage very careful and not intuitive.
- One meter saw three functions ...

Edit January 13, 2008: Confirmation of clean electronics, but not upscale. Prampli in between the output stage and do not like at all clipper, if only for a moment, nasty parasite saturation, the electronics will not cash. Equalo beauty of any use though, and compressor not transparent but very typ (mediocre on an acoustic guitar or piano-making; wonderful voice over, keyboard, bass and electric guitar).

saucisson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
Does everything it says top.


Everything is clear and the history of link compression on just the knowledge and are made with.


For the preamp part: there is a lgre color and sound is generally warm. Nanmoins I find that lacks a bit of a gain all of the same. Between the instrument I feel that there is quite a bit of the same breath (this is the instrument?), But the breath is part of the music, right?
For part comp: Super compressor, it takes a little time and practice, but trs good, a little breath too.
For part Equa: I love, we change the grain of a voice in no time, trs trs powerful.
I only pass through the exit numrique, others blow too much for my taste. Well, if a weak source, you add compression (by sending the gain) and four more and you go out on analog, so you may have a signal / noise ratio no top. Anyway I have personal will.


It's been a year since I have and I'm glad trs.
I have another preamp, an tl audio 5050 v2 (BCQ + gain), in fact they are complementary because they do not sound the same and the parties are REALLY comp diffrent .
The report is qualitprix trs good
I sent a Korg TP2 (good momentum but otherwise ...) and I took the one and I would do the same choice.

Riri912000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Joemeek TwinQ
A new generation of integrated circuit by the input microphone with ability to drag a transformer in the circuit, not transcendent but very respectable and useful.

For effects: optical compression but difficult to master luxurious.

Relatively standard connectors.


Setting clear except for some details mentioned above.

Extremely simple editing of sounds, apart from requiring a minimum compression usual.

Manuel embryonic but effective.


Instruments magnified, transparent mic preamp without the option that provides more iron undeniable once identified.


Bought yesterday, but used occasionally since its remodeling by PMI.

Compression beautiful and character.

I tried a little of everything, including high-end, value for money bluffing.

I would do this choice, versatility is a great interessante.Machine homogeneity value for money for the wonderful rock.