SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
SSL XLogic Alpha Channel

XLogic Alpha Channel, Channel Strip from SSL in the XLogic series.

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All user reviews for the SSL XLogic Alpha Channel

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
The SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is an analog channel strip that is designed by and after the classic SSL consoles. It has 1/4 inch connections in the back as well as an XLR input in the front of the unit. It is indeed a rackable piece of gear and will only take up a single rack space unit.


While the make up of the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel has a lot to offer, it isn't too complicated or hard to figure out. The unit contains both a high class pre amp and a series of EQ sections. The pre amp has buttons for choosing either Hi Z or XLR input, as well as a pad, phantom power, and a phase switch. It also has knobs for level and variable harmonic drive. It then has an insert section with a few buttons as well as filter buttons and an EQ in/out button. There are then three EQ sections - one is a low end filter, one is middle, and one is high. It also has an output section with a leveling knob and a lite limit button. Everything is laid out smartly and after a little bit of use you should be able to understand everything that this unit has to offer. The manual for the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is pretty thorough, but isn't really necessary unless you are new to channel strips.


The sound of the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is incredible and is definitely has that SSL tone that you are probably looking for if you buy or try this out. It can be use for any recording application and I've used it on everything from drums to lead vocals with good results. It has a lot parameters to insure that you can get the tone that you are after. It won't really color your sound, but does have its own unique sound that is extremely clean. Overall, this is truly a great sounding channel strip.


I've been using the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel for about a year and I can truly say that this is a great channel strip. I'm a big fan of SSL's products and the XLogic Alpha Channel provides a great sounding unit that really won't break the bank. The very reasonable price makes it a legit option for home studio owners and professionals alike. I can't say enough about how great this channel strip sounds and if you are looking for a great channel strip with a super clean sound, this needs to be tried out.

arnoldorodeo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Clean, transparent and highly efficient"

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
Transistor preamp XLR / Line / SPDIF 48v ...


Extremely simple to use, clear manual. Possibly concerned about the lack blank copy settings for leaf arrangement; nevertheless slipped into a jpeg file in question will do.


This preamp is just transparent: The sound is true, although dynamic and absolute clarity. I use a Neumann U87 and a FLEA 47 for vocals. Using the limiter device, you can optimize the gain without clipping. HDV setting adds harmonics but remains wary of such destructive adjustment setting; I prefer color afterwards if it is useful. For the EQ on Same voice: I prefer equalize voice with Alpha Channel as a plug-in return SPDIF in / out flat after a decision. For those familiar with SSL, the EQ is true to the brand reputation: it works on many things, it's more accurate, it does not stain.


I use it for 4 years. This is a rugged unsurprisingly, very professional. I also used to catch bass and guitar and it is also here that the Alpha Channel excels .. This is a very good investment for those who want to make home made clean.

guizzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good slice :)"

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
analog preamp to race 19 "1U.
equipped with a 3-band EQ, a switch "Harmonic Drive", a low cut filter (40/80/120 Hz) ...

microphone input jack and is the front.


this is a very simple to handle machine, I have not used a single manual faith, the ear is tt so the best way to test a product ;)


I found this very strong character preamp. It has a reserve da gain quite impressive without a fart breath ... on ribbon mic is really nice ...
It is right and neutral as normally "all transistor preamp"
It will not make miracles with low-end microphones but when we start getting into the range it proves to be a very good preamp.
I use it mainly in DI (low-guit), I tried on vocals, guitar, kick and snare. The battery is slamming, "cold" and very bright (I love), on the voice, I am not convinced (again depending on what I'm looking) and low DI is really great :)

(HDV is a completely useless for the use that I have so I can not dwell on this gadget commercial)


I have for a year now, if you want to color the sound or add warmth, exactly the preamp not to take :)

if you want to recreate a sound source with the greatest possible neutrality then go ahead :)

attention to trying several SSL product, the alpha channel remains notch below the "real thing" SSL, but for the price this is a really interesting slice ;)

fabrice.fargues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Clear ..."

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
Chanel strip, pramp transistor, configurable insert, three-band eq, limiter output, conversion lens (spdif)
Jack on symtrique, rca for linking two tranches, to rca spdif.
The converter opre 44.1 kHz except 96 kHz (automatic dtection)


Anyone with even a little used analog channel strip is on his back ....
Manuel clear for the "specialties" home, namely the inclusion of the "insert loop", which can be pre-eq, eq-post, or trait raw signal warning signal. ... and Variable Harmonic Drive, sort of "accumulation of light "....


Many people criticize his "lack of characters ".... Me, I gots APRS is exactly what I want: a pramp impressive power, a breath (breath what??) Does not exist, and a precision in the dtail Relva sound that most of microsurgery than just illumination ... The VHD circuit expensive SSL is a small bonus dsagrable not, it acts on the lower medium in the 'coating' heat ... even when used with modration ... The eq is effective, well thought, trs musical, even when it is drawn from the voices of the stro tables SERIES 9000, have the scale of SAVINGS good times ...


I have recently, and by my mtier, I had the chance to try many pramps, chanel strip, find great things like "public ".... The logic of this pramp resembles that of the Avalon AD2022, although the sound is diffrent, the sound is not trsdtaill trs search for 2 in color as they do not type in the VHD (with more color is typical British trs, we like it or not ....). This puts microphones pramp low prices for excellent mid-range ... Most is to plug a lamp on static, strong personality like a microphone AT4060, MXL V69 Neumann M149 (for the wealthy ...)... It's true personality rvle the microphone, and, my love, as a park micro expensive side, and 3 mics in a DIFFERENT pramp giving them virtually all the m its me, it's boring. It is one of my transistors pramps prfrs Red8 home with Focusrite, the Avalon AD2022 home for a bit cheaper (two channels in 1500, it is more in 1000 others). The eq section is really good, musical, but remains a small step below that of his great ERRF X Logic chanel. I do not use that to offset the lgrement frquences parasites taking. Very practical when using the exit numrique, small automatic rev limiter discrete, we can not "tweak" the taking, numriquement speaking, we mean well.
For those who can afford it, the last word is his great ERRF the Xlogic chanel, almost the same thing, but full dynamics processing (compressor and gate / expander), 4-band eq, and 3500 of circuit SuperAnalogue scholarships, for, indeed, an authentic slice of the SSL 9000 series ....
In short, I advise all the semi-pros and pros, who do not have an elastic budget but looking for a good trs pramp base, the other from the time and money. It's Neve SSL not, here it is in the lgance, the subtle we are not in the thick hot, what are your microphones that will bring this dimension is noted that l.Il when it was released, this segment stood at almost 1500, a significant drop in the pound and a trade policy and more aggressive pricing from the folks at SSL have two divided by the purchase price of this lovely bote to sound ....

I'm a fan, then the objectification is not my forte may be on this one ... l.

itchounet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
A transistor analog preamp section with EQ and a circuit for harmonic distortion ... there is even a small practice in limiting output. Too bad the outputs are not in on the other hand XLR! It also has a A / D converter that I 'use SPDIF in, very convenient and the quality is there!


The classic for a preamp like this, everything is clear, no need to look for a good sound ...


This preamp has a good headroom and is really right in the sound, as most of a transistor preamps ... Say that it faithfully reproduces the transient and remains a very good preamp for its price range. It will well worth the characteristics of your microphone! It is neutral, clean, does not bleed but is not very comfortable in the lower medium I think.
Section EQ is a bit bland I think unfortunately, now that is a matter of taste and use, it will be useful in case of slight correction but do not expect for a what she adds a color!
I have a hard time finding a used section of harmonic distortion, I imagine it can be useful in some cases ...
Great for keyboards or move machines, great for voice or on battery OH!


I use it for two envriron ans.Il why should you buy this preamp ... The preamp is of absolute neutrality and highlight the flaws and qualities of the microphones that you spend it. Its price / quality ratio is excellent (especially since the fall of the dollar) Seriously ... a slice SSL preamp + eq as well say it 's been almost as long to want a good preamp that will give you no more that an excellent return of your microphone!