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Pre-amplification Channel Strips
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Channel Strips user reviews

  • Joemeek TwinQ2

    Joemeek TwinQ2 - "Good unit"


    EDIT EDIT This review refers to the Twinq version 1. I wrote due to the demand of an Audiofanzine member, but he must know that I had version 2. Solid-state stereo channel strip, AD converters, optical compressor, great EQ. There's not much to a…

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - "UA LA-610 | A Vintage Channel Strip with Modern Capablities"


    The Universal Audio LA-610 channel strip is a modern interpretation of two classic, vintage tube designs, the legendary Bill Putnam designed 610 console pre-amp and EQ and the now ubiquitous LA2-A Compressor/Limiter. "Modern" is the key word here: wh…

  • Joemeek TwinQ2

    Joemeek TwinQ2 - "An excellent choice."


    Solid-state, rackable, dual channel strip with mic preamp/line input/DI instrument input, EQ and optical compressor (the compressors can be linked in stereo). 24bits/96kHz converter with optical output, adjustable VU-meter. Balanced XLR and jack inpu…

  • Universal Audio 6176

    Universal Audio 6176 - "LOVE IT" has images


    Line balanced and XLR inputs. Join switch. You can use separately or linked. I love this unit and I do mean love this unit. I was hesitant to buy it and it was the very last pre amp I will buy for this year. We buy so many pre amps over a given year…

  • Joemeek VC6Q

    Joemeek VC6Q - "Good for the $$$" has images


    XLR and 1/4"Rack Input and the sound is all JOE MEEK. If you like the sound you will love this unit. This is a great sounding unit for the money. Are there better ones, yes. Does it have it's own sound, yes. So if you like to hear your pre amp work…

  • Art Pro Channel

    Art Pro Channel - "Great Value, Just shy of "pro" level"


    The Art Pro Channel is a tube mic-pre and channel strip all in one. You get xlr and 1/4inch inputs and outputs. You get eq and compression/limiting. It is rack mountable. UTILIZATION As long as you are comfortable and experienced enough with EQ,…

  • Universal Audio 6176

    Universal Audio 6176 - "Modern Clarity with Old School Vibe"


    The 6176 is a composite two of universal audio’s finest pieces: the preamp of the 610 series coupled with the compression of the 1176. This is an analog unit with tube circuitry- not to be confused with the starved plate designs of inexpensive units,…

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - "nice channel strip, great quality"


    The Universal Audio LA-610 is one of the best channel strip processors on the market. But beware, its pricey so you will be paying for a great piece of equipment. Not really anything negative to say about this piece of software. I have used it severa…

  • Klark Teknik DN422 M

    Klark Teknik DN422 M - cornemuziek's review


    do you still have the Klark Teknik DN422M so yes i'm intrested can you tell the price UTILIZATION e SOUND QUALITY e OVERALL OPINION e…

  • API Audio 550A

    API Audio 550A - "good as it gets"


    The API Audio 550A is a very modern looking channel strip consisting of mic preamplifier, an equalizer, and a compressor.  The unit has both a solid state and tube make up, and you have the option of choosing one or the other.  It has a 1/4 inch inpu…