Avalon VT-737SP
Avalon VT-737SP

VT-737SP, Channel Strip from Avalon.

Raf32 06/27/2006

Avalon VT-737SP : Raf32's user review


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There is everything you need


Nothing special


Soft preamp, the bass is denatur, not super precise treble, between 2 ca goes,
(Comparison made with preamp saje, converto apogee and Studer, ecoutes Genelec 1037 micro brauner and di klark tecknic)
compressor unusable limit because of his reaction time far too slow, even with the minimum attack (compar a blue tla (vac) and manley elop (optical m too))
the equa gonna without more, the equa of a good console works just as well see better


It's me ready (he was nine), I wanted to know if I was attacking one, the answer is no
I have a 747 vt which a + fast compressor and graphic works equa
either it was broken or c is pretty bad (either it was not down:-)
a device that makes preamp, compressor, equa for 1800 euros can not do everything well ....