Lindell Audio 6X-500
Lindell Audio 6X-500

6X-500, Channel Strip from Lindell Audio.

carimbabar 09/13/2014

Lindell Audio 6X-500 : carimbabar's user review

«  Good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a preamp transistor fabricated in China, referring to the doc or site for the technical part.
The preamp is in the format 500 (API) so to be in a lunchbox or Racke another rack of this type.
There is an input gain, output, a 2-band EQ with Pultec type not commonly found in this kind of product yet handy if one is familiar with its microphones and that is to be overcome weakness possible (lack of bass, excess shine, ...) which is good, especially as the possible corrections are well thought out.
The connection level, lunchbox offer XLR, however, no DI input on the preamp so no input instrument, it is important to know.


The config is clear, but even the printing is not always well aligned with the facade, the fault in the manufacture "Made in China" a little cheap?
Not always easy to read, but hey, there are not a ton of info.
Too bad, brushed aluminum is nice, the knobs and the meters as I had a knob a little shaky I tightened with an Allen wrench, but it means doing everything the same.
However, in sound, its just not bad, I have 4 types of preamps, a Warm Audio, I like a Universal Audio LA 710 Twinfinity, and those of my RME, effective and rights.
The Lindell is colorful and very nice, with a Radial DI, the sound of a bass and an acoustic guitar, have a grain that I like very much, and even with an average static, something very musical is obtained, the corrections offering a real plus. So nice.


The instrumental sound is restored, providing a nice color, the sound quality / price seems good to me.
Same thing for microphones missing air, or as often in Asian static, a little too bright, Eq can overcome the plug, correct to some extent, if it is used surgically and if you do not go gun down its outlet by going with mittens on the knobs.
Manufacturing in contrast, leaves me a little skeptical, must see the length, depending on whether you want to move your lunchbox for the mobile studio, for example, is that the gear will hold the tide?
However the sound itself not allow a lot of things and will compliment without problems preamps sound card, a little ways.


I use it for a little over a year, alternating with other preamps mentioned above, it represents good value for money, I have a compressor (great!) Also the brand. It probably would be worth it, to take a pair of each.
That is worth the price as advantageous which ranks among the lowest in the format module 500 is its potential for Eq, of course, and a "musical" sound even if the term is more than subjective, we must admit.
Manufacturing is however, a little cheap, but I guess that all models purchased are not of the same ilk (a kind of lottery, actually) what justifies the cost so low.
I think, yes, with an audio interface with good converters, it may be worth tumbling to buy this kind of preamps, a pair, then the compressors of the same brand, for example, what constitutes good slices market not sound too bad for the home.