Lindell Audio 6X-500
Lindell Audio 6X-500

6X-500, Channel Strip from Lindell Audio.

kad974 12/29/2012

Lindell Audio 6X-500 : kad974's user review

«  Lindell thank you ... »

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Value For Money : Poor
This is a preamp format 500, with a small section 2 bands EQ Pultec style with three féquences possible for each band (6kHz, 10kHz, 16kHz for acute and 30kHz, 60kHz, 100kHz for bass).
It also has the traditional 48v phantom power, a switch for polarity and another to turn on the EQ section. For the price it is very comprehensive!


To use it is very simple, gain, and output color is sought by assaying wish potentiometers.
If you wish, you can switch on the EQ, and add air to a decision or score more low frequencies to add fullness.
Malgrès simplicitée the setting can be really fun to explore different colors!


For sound, I do not have too many references for comparison but compared to my preamp and my motu 828 mk2 preamp TLAudio 5050 Ivory2 is quite a leap!
The sound very good and is very accurate dynamic in both severe than in acute, it is clean and very musical.
For now I did a quick test soon but I have a recording session so I will update at that time.


What can I say, except thank you Mr Lindell!
At this price, its gonna be hard to beat, even DIY seem a bad price / quality ratio next!
I hope they keep us out of other wonders of this kind, a preamp style lamp!
In any case, I am already in the process of thinking to acquire the compressor, then why not the equalizer, view rates and its quality.