SPL Channel One
SPL Channel One

Channel One, Channel Strip from SPL.

thespiritoflight 01/09/2007

SPL Channel One : thespiritoflight's user review


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Lamp-analog &
Serious -cut, 48v power supply, phase inversion, Esser, Compressor / Limiter, EQ, volume control gain output volume control headphone jack and volume Separate playback.
-Jack XLR and sharing the same instrument or mic input channel master. SEND / RETURNS for extra effect. Stereo jack for headphones.


I wish EQ a bit more understanding giving more logical answer, but it's just a strictly personal opinion; o)


On this point, nothing to report. I think the SPL brings a little color to her own. Generally speaking, it is most excellent.


-2-3 Months or so.
-Excellent To give fishing instruments and voice in audio recording digital audio sequencer.
-I Was aiming a product of the highest quality to a limit of 1000EUR budget
-It's Definitely an excellent product quality / price ratio.