SPL Channel One
SPL Channel One

Channel One, Channel Strip from SPL.

Romaintenin 12/04/2011

SPL Channel One : Romaintenin's user review

«  Made the Joke »

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Pr Sovtek amp lamp.
Between Jack XLR output. possibility of extension card.
Desser, Compressor, EQ, Noise Gate, air band,



Manual clear, simple configuration,
I use it a lot in live voice and the warm voice clearly saying anything powerful.

Taken in a studio for bass acoustic guitar and vocals without worry.

Possibility of adding the transistor with the lamp for the cot rock.


Super sound quality of the grain possibility to change the lamp and add option in SPL.

For the air band is all in the name.
Frankly just for the compressor to the royal joke.

The noise gate is good if repise instrumentals live

De esser enlve well not too EXAGRES wheezing if the voice is muted.


I have since September I carrment
fan of quality over price and versatility of the product.

Although I would change the lamp against a Mullard XD

but also to add the transformer Lundhall.

AND the friend you have a killer pramp for less than 1500 euros