SPL Channel One
SPL Channel One

Channel One, Channel Strip from SPL.

azertyvince 11/16/2011

SPL Channel One : azertyvince's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
I use it live on the voice (with the limiter and equalizer).
The limiter set properly, gives a good fishing very interesting voice to bring out the voice in a rock band that sends).

I also used to catch voice and electric guitar.


Everything is very simple.
The manual is clear.


The sound is excellent.
I have the classic version without the Lundahl transformers.
The sound is already very good.

The sound is soft and warm (especially if you increase the settings of harmonic distortion).
This is a harmonic distortion (there is no audible saturation, it reinforces the warmth of sound).
The sound is more transparent if it does not distortion.

The bass are very good quality, deep, soft and precise enough.

I tried to record my electric guitar amp (with distortion)
Yet with a condenser microphone fairly low-end.
The sound is very successful (almost better than the original, at least warmer).
It is rich, precise and very natural.
Perfect for what I do.