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muzikal 01/13/2008

Joemeek TwinQ : muzikal's user review


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See the characteristics perfectly dcrites in notices prcdents


The usage is simple when ds that we know the rules properly dj using a prampli. For the compressor, see below. It has no self rglage (for attack or realease, and it is not wrong because often a render mediocre) or preset. It rgle ear taking into account the very spcifiques reactions optical compressors. The Qualo both he, very easy to use.


Then the sound.

Prampli micro part: it is silent, except in the last tenth of gain (as virtually all pramplis). The only feature gain is good but be careful not to clip because the distortion generates is not very musical (I remmorre the pramplis a Tascam M520 30, fat and p chu donf in red ...).
Regarding the sound even in him, he is generally transparent but with the body in the mdium without being dnu finesse. In dfinitive, trslgrement british color. Essay with NT2 (very well, well made piqu) MK319 (corpulent) SCT2000 (beautiful), SE3 (Nickel), SM57 (very well especially for the signal / noise ratio). The "iron" brings more presence, and thickness of harmonics in the register mdium / upper medium without providing an ounce of aggressiveness.
Part prampli online and intstru. :dropoff Window
A bass is THE revelation. It is a veritable prampli standalone instrument with the body and dynamics. A bass with a TS9 in Joe 'I've ever heard ...
In line: My synths and expanders (guitarist'm based) two balls rennaissent (D50, JV1010 ...). The pianos regain the thickness and dynamics, the strings of corpulence. With and without the TWIN Q, the difference is really standard. A Russianness.

Equalo: It is very musical and objectively effective (the reference Qualo my Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24/8/2 to the rank of toy). It adds frequencies (that is the most difficult, remove less problematic) without dtimbr the instrument. So we believe that the correction brings is the original sound of the instrument. Very useful on an instrument (bass, synth. No interest for micro taken that principle must be ralises without correction.

Compressor: Houlala, it is a sacred part. Its use ncessite few hours testing, relevs and comparison. I do not advise beginners that may be due. Of bmols compared to other opinions. In use it is absolutely transparent. This is an electronics that do not prtend to be, it colors the sound intentionally. Beyond the ratios of 2 does prsentent little interest (or raliser effects "pumping" really patatent). The attack and realease must be wide open to me. I note for my part attnuation acute spectrum when it is on, but very sweet attnuation of "silk and velvet" I want to say. Good used advisedly, for example with a condenser microphone very (too) prcis source on the top mdium Introduced has softened all surprisingly fawn.

And last but not least, this compressor brings the body, a thickness, a fat grain of it is hard to dfaire ... More than a compressor, it is an instrument fledged.
From the moment when we apprhende out its work, we can play very effective fawn with a brand sound identity. For rock, pop and others, we do get to spend more. For classical, go your way.

A clever trick: the beast possde for each channel an insert (gnial). You plug permanently a compressor, it transparent (like me FMR RNC 1773) and according to the provisions made, do without one another compressor if you want a color that knocks or transparency and finesse .dropoff window L is the top (obviously under the budget).


I use it for 6 months

- Prampli mic and line / instrument of excellent quality. So true versatility.
- Equalo very beautiful
- Compressor typ the very identity mark, formidable efficiency and musicality when rgl well.
- Two slices of prampli Qualo compressor and a price drisoire
- Overall good manufacturing Qualit

The least:

- Prampli not pretty in red
- Compressor typ (? Too) that can tire of some (the insert can be an alternative ...) rglage very careful and not intuitive.
- One meter saw three functions ...

Edit January 13, 2008: Confirmation of clean electronics, but not upscale. Prampli in between the output stage and do not like at all clipper, if only for a moment, nasty parasite saturation, the electronics will not cash. Equalo beauty of any use though, and compressor not transparent but very typ (mediocre on an acoustic guitar or piano-making; wonderful voice over, keyboard, bass and electric guitar).