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Chauvet Obey user reviews

  • Chauvet Obey 70

    Chauvet Obey 70 - " Comprehensive but complex"


    I use this stuff for 2 years for me. This is my 2nd controller. I put over 4 slim so I'm far from exploiting its full potential. Programming is simple but painful as it must have an idea of ​​what we want to do. I programmed qq scenes without problem…

  • Chauvet Obey 70

    Chauvet Obey 70 - " Nice for the price"


    I use it for 1 year I had a Pilot-192 Contest and Showtec Scanmaster I love the access to 16 DMX channels without having to change page Touch of clear to send a scene or show very quickly and hard plastic buttons, no, you have to press hard eno…

  • Chauvet Obey 4

    Chauvet Obey 4 - " Practice"


    Small 4x4 DMX channels for PAR and LED bar RGB and RGBW can operate in three or four channels. Little, unfortunately, not in 19 ", but it has its advantages, it fits everywhere, handy when you arrive in a room where you can not let a half square m…

  • Chauvet Obey 70

    Chauvet Obey 70 - " Classic, but different!" has images


    I use it for about a month to control lyres. Before (years ago) I used a Shaman in Starway, I think the Obey 70 is better now finished and complete. The faders are nicer and more accurate than the Shaman, and here we have a joystick. Like his sc…