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Chauvet Obey 70
Chauvet Obey 70

Mixed Lighting Desk from Chauvet belonging to the Obey series.

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dryo dryo

«  Classic, but different! »

Publié le 12/12/10 à 12:21
I use it for about a month to control lyres.
Before (years ago) I used a Shaman in Starway, I think the Obey 70 is better now finished and complete.

The faders are nicer and more accurate than the Shaman, and here we have a joystick.

Like his screen, you can have a lot of info on it (next to a luxury shaman ^ ^), for cons I find it a bit thicker.
What attracted me most is the fact that this is not a clone of the other controllers of the same type. Obviously it is a product that is found only under the mark.
Other positive points: the joystick is assignable to any channel, as well as faders. One can indeed decide of the channels to be assigned to faders, allowing better ergonomics when using multiple projectors of different brands, as we can for example decide to assign the same color management issue fader for all the spotlight!
In the same vein, it is also possible to reverse the travel of the fader (or joystick). Super convenient to reverse the axes of the moving lights, without having to program it on the projector.

It has 384 DMX channels (12 projectors 32 channels), against 192 for most products concurrently.

However I do not like the feel of the buttons, they are hard plastic and it strongly implies the click. Exactly the same type of buttons on the Shaman. I liked the buttons more flexible.
The power supply is external and there is an on / off button (behind, so not very accessible if the unit is rack).

For the rest is classic:
- 12 projectors
- 30 banks and 8 scenes
- 6 chases (240 max for chase scenes)
- Activation manually, automatically or by sound (microphone, line input for no sound, damage)
- Speed and fade time sliders
- Buttons to strobe and smoke machine (a priori only a smoke machine brand are compatible).
- Rackable 19 "

The value for money looks to me satisfactory, I do not think we can be better now for the same price. A priori with the same buget I will ever be the same choice!

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