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  • Coffin Case B-195

    Coffin Case B-195 - "Great case for protecting your instrument!"


    I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with this case. Over a year after I bought it that case still looks and functions great. I use this case with a BC Rich Warbeast NJ Deluxe. I know, I know, that's not a bass. But the body of the guitar is so long I…

Translated user reviews
  • Coffin Case DL-125

    Coffin Case DL-125 - " Class!"


    My ibanez 7 string and my Variax enter without problem ... Against by the warlock does not fit! But hey I'm fine! The finish is very good with the skull vinyl, the box is light to wear alone. Affect aluminum reinforcement are the most Beautiful and…

  • Coffin Case BDFX-1

    Coffin Case BDFX-1 - Ritonkeupon's review


    An overdrive pedal completely analog, with a true bypass, three knob meets the sweet names of injected (volume) bleed (tone) and Filth (drive). 2 jack 6.35 mm and a wall outlet. The look is unbeatable on a board that farts are entitled to a spider gr…

  • Coffin Case BDFX-1

    Coffin Case BDFX-1 - synseven's review


    A can prs all sounds are available in this pedal-1 bdfx analogic circuit it connects classically (a jack guitar amp pedal pedal jack) UTILIZATION Configuration simple enough even all pots thoroughly slammed his grave rglage's really simple,…

  • Coffin Case BDFX-1

    Coffin Case BDFX-1 - kirkinho's review


    Distortion pedals made in United States With a true analog bypass mode off Blood drive bdfx-1 for her first name Unleaded ... Standard connector, jack in, jack out, and power supply from power supply or 9V battery (same as standard BOSS) Ro…

  • Coffin Case 200VX

    Coffin Case 200VX - Vlec's review


    I use it for a short week, and I really love the look of this flight case. Happy owner of a Dean ML model left, I was looking for a box to my beautiful, and obviously, it's the only one that suits him. Of course, € 150 (price) is quite high, espe…