Coffin Case BDFX-1
Coffin Case BDFX-1

BDFX-1, Distortion from Coffin Case.

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kirkinho 11/23/2007

Coffin Case BDFX-1 : kirkinho's user review


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Distortion pedals made in United States
With a true analog bypass mode off
Blood drive bdfx-1 for her first name
Unleaded ...
Standard connector, jack in, jack out, and power supply from power supply or 9V battery (same as standard BOSS)
Robust, metal, good finish trs
Antidrapant spiderweb anti-skid (not to make large maps facial action)
Dco specially shaped and that goes with it, got good for those who love. Me.


With a bit of imagination we come to understand the meaning of INJECT knobs (volume), Bleed (tone) and FILTH (distortion) not be allergic condition of the English language ...
Getting a good sound is very simple since no rglage comes out a sound of shit, everything is good! Beginners to put everything I had MOITI "wow cow!" and I jou with knobs and each rglage ... "wow cow!" and I finally returned to rglage any medium, see below.
The manual is clear and funny trs rglages showing five types to illustrate the diversity of sounds you can get.


To say that the effect is effective is an understatement (and frankly rducteur), I will dvelopper ...
As seen prcdement rglages all are effective, we can go at an end of all the buttons, it was something usable!
Premire surprise, rglant low level of distortion you can get a warm vintage sound blues-rock which I did not expect ...
We can therefore choose a sound that ranges from "just distorted" as a lgre saturation, distortion sound from beyond the grave is not without the sweet reminds Młoda that can be natural cost in a factory spices mcaniques between the blast furnaces and rolling mills. Moreover it is described on the back of the box "The bdfx-1 features a classic rich analog distortion and boost circuit, with purpose and gain more tonal control for modern sounds as well as your favorite tones from times past", which compltement is true!
Uses a strat DiMarziotise a very rich sound and flashy trs Dfine well regardless of the low saturation rglage.De pretty strong explosion.
With an LTD M100 EMGtise has become violent, and always brlant trs well Dfine while rglage.Du his blues-rock kind to his factory.
With a 7-string (Ibanez APEX2) becomes a standard, the pedals do not just serious it has all the deficits on hand (the original pickups do not sound powerful trs).
The quality of the sound is good: even in rglage "at max" the sound of a DEFINITIONS extreme, we can run a big fat nag agreement and the ap dployer ge, a will be audible, good quality and well equilibrated trs is normissime! We can not tell any of distortion pedals, instead of l. ..
It is as if its silent cleaned of impurities and harmful that it was useful when you want it o ... stunning! It's as if they had put the scalpel blades on the blade of trononneuse to remain a trononneuse but enough to cut prcise ... This is just my word: "FAIR" !
A strongly advise those who have a guitar too dirty (the "too" is like "not enough "...) or those with a feeble guitar, pedals that" catches the sausages. "
I recommend to others too, this pedals hard hard hard (I said enough?)


I Reue three days ago, just enough time to test thoroughly.
Gnial sound as violent as prcis, "the precision in the bourritude" which allows for beautiful sounds in rglages minis.Elle a range of sounds trs trs wide dedicates it is not a unique type of music: surprised? me too!
I also of BOSS MT2, MD2, SD1 ... None of this power to bring out small acute arpge in the middle of an agreement bourrinass.
The quality-price ratio is indisputable, it is in the price range of concurrency for the largest power!
I believe that with what I said you understood, less well to have an IQ sr infrieur the temprature anal, I would do this choice and I am far from regretting.