Coffin Case BDFX-1
Coffin Case BDFX-1

BDFX-1, Distortion from Coffin Case.

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Ritonkeupon 03/08/2010

Coffin Case BDFX-1 : Ritonkeupon's user review


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An overdrive pedal completely analog, with a true bypass, three knob meets the sweet names of injected (volume) bleed (tone) and Filth (drive). 2 jack 6.35 mm and a wall outlet. The look is unbeatable on a board that farts are entitled to a spider grip and an access cover to the battery quite handy. The design is robust. The pedal is made in the USA.


The setup is very simple. The manual gives some examples which may prove useful for understanding the use of the object, but they're going very fast, so the pedal appears sensitive to the signal of the guitar and play


I emphasize that this is an overdrive pedal, not a big distortion of death such bombing in open clump. The look of the pedal can indeed be misleading. Sound color reminds me of my DS like a Keeley modified but without duplication.

Let me explain, the BDFX 1 is a slightly more boosted overdrive but without distortion. knob the filth is transparent enough to boost the crunch how big blues rock, while staying dry and precise. The tone volume pot affects the brightness of the effect but never turn to garish. The pedal is extremely versatile and even "fully donf" it is not rough. This pedal really respect the game, you can snap agreements or play straight sweeps in the same settings, it sounds! So it really stands out from the rest of the production.

For the style it will suit all but the most extreme styles, but again it will depend on the amp and it can easily be coupled to a heavier distortion. Coupled with a chorus, it sounds nickel for the batcave or horror punk.


I played over the past two weeks, enough to appreciate all its nuances. She interacts well with the setup of the guitar (single coils or humbuckers). The guitar playing is respected, it leaves no chance to imperfections which is rarely the case with other pedals overdrive or distortion (it's weird uh!).

It is not just a pedal lookée is a pedal with a real personality and a great sound as long as one seeks an overdrive and nothing else.