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Thread cubase, laptop sound card issue??

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1 cubase, laptop sound card issue??
Hi All
I just got cuBase installed and have an issue that I thought someone MUST be having somewhere. I have it installed on a Spartan laptop. Big one, 2 gig dual core processor, Gig ram, 80G hd. I am not sure how to find what sound card I have other than when I go to cPanel and click on sound and audio and fool around with it I find "Realtek high definition Audio" listed under hardware.

The issue is that I can record a track and hear it while I'm recording, but when I go to add a SECOND track with my guitar I cannot hear the new track I'm playing, only the first recorded track. I had a very knowledgeable person install it and THEY couldn't figure it out either.

Is this common? I know I'm not giving you alot of breadcrumbs here, but I'm VERY green when it comes to the audio aspect of computers OR recording.

Thanks in advance to ANY help you can send!!
I hope you check up on this from time to time. What interface are you using. You will prolly have to monitor thru it. I also use cubase and I have to monitor thru the interface box. Go to the "Devices" pulldown menu. Select "setup". I use cubase le and setup is the at the bottom of the pulldown. It will open a window. on the left will be a list of options. CLick "vst multimedia" or maybe it is multitrack. I can't remember exactly but it is "multi" something. after that on the right will be a place to choose your audio out. Select what ever interface driver you are using and monitor the pre-recorded tracks and your current recording thru your monitors or heaphones running off your interface breakout box. It is called direct monitoring.