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Thread Any help regarding connection to a PC?

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1 Any help regarding connection to a PC?
Hi, I may be buying a fostex 812 mixing console. I was wondering if anyone can help me here as i'm fairly new to all this. I know there are separate outputs for each channel on this mixer. The bit I don't understand is - if I wanted to feed the signal from the mixer into a PC with an upgraded soundcard would I just take a jack out of the main out, then computer would still be able to interperate each track individually for recording. Or do I need some sort of unit in between the mixer and PC to connect all the channels into say a USB output that can carry them all at once then into the computer. Sorry if that was a bit long winded.

The second thing is when controling the levels on playback do you have to take a line back out of the computer into the desk, creating like a loop. And also what would be a good program for just recording real instruments onto a computer?


if its multitracking that you want to do, you need a multitrack sound card.
Thanks very much for that, just one more thing. Do you think the M-Audio 66 is a good choice and also would Cakewalk work well with this? If not are there any better options on a budget of say £200-£300 for the program and the sound card. Also do you know what kind of sound quality I could expect from this?