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Thread PC specification... is this enough?

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1 PC specification... is this enough?
Hello all,

i'm using Live6 and i have this problem...

i am able to prepare a drum partition, but if i try to add another midi track, and on this one record 'on the fly" some crash and some other snare to make it less "automatic", i have the PC load that goes to 100%... and i cannot properly record... :(

My PC is a Sempron 3400+ with 1,5 GB ram... SATA hd...

the strange is that when i run the track with the drum, and i record the guitar (used with guitar rig as plugin) with effects and so on, i have the PC usage aroud the 50%...

Now i have two questions :

A friend told me that Live is a processor killer, and that Acid pro (for instance) use a lot more resources for live recording... Is this true?

If i want to improve the performace, should i get more memory, or is really the processor that is not suitable for it?