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Thread How to convert MIDI to WAVE

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Topic How to convert MIDI to WAVE
Does anyone know of a FREE program that can convert MIDI files to wave?
Send the midi file to me and I can convert it using Acid.
I have quite a few MIDI sequences that I need converted, and I would post a couple I'm just not sure how to post a file up on this board... does anyone know how to do that?

Also, I have another question: does the conversion work backwards, too? That is to say converting wave into midi? From what I pciked up on various sites, that is considerably more difficult and may affect the quality of the sound...
You can get a program called Wingroove 9.0e
it can convert MIDI to WAV.
You can also convert MIDI to WAV the old fashioned way, opnening your recording software or Windows recorder and setting it to record what`s playing at the moment, then hitting "rec" and playing the MIDI file... just be aware of the levels!!!