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Thread guitar recording

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Topic guitar recording
hello...i am searching ways to record my guitar on my pc...i have a toneport but i don't think that the sound quality is good enough so i would like to help me find other ways...is there any way to connect amp to pc through line-in?this will give me a better quality?do you recommend me record through mic from the amp?


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I always like to record a guitar amp with a microphone - this will give you a more authentic and full sound...To me, this is the best way to record guitar and is the method that I do every time...
That is exacly the way I try to do it, jim7gr
If you want to plug your guitar directly in the computer you need to use a POD, that simulates an amp for a good clean sound. But if you want some effects on it, you'll need a good program. Do it like the drawing beneath. Left is the box with the speaker and right is a normal micro (like Shure SM 58, no special one) but don't put it right in the middle and not parrallel with the box either. For better quality you better use a second one. That gives you less noise and more guitar.
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Good Luck
I agree with didii0807 record with a microphone a little off axis from the center of the speaker.  The center produces all of the high frequencies and will sound harsh if you record there.  Put on headphones and move the mic around the speaker until you get the sound your looking for.  Since the mic position dictates what frequencies you pickup, using two mics helps you get a fuller sound.  Some people also mix in a mic that is placed in a corner of the room to pick up ambient echoes, reverb, etc.  Most people use mics such as the Shure SM57 for heavy stuff and many like ribbon or condensor mics for clean recording.