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  • Magix Music Studio 2006

    Magix Music Studio 2006 - zenzouille's review


    No problem to install, but all twelve o'clock I closed the game by incompatibility with some unknown component of my computer ... no error message, even no message at all. has opened, and closes. The manual is clear, but TRS is vague and incomplete i…

  • Magix Notation 2

    Magix Notation 2 - bribrilor's review


    I currently use the first version, "Magix Notation" but it is full of buggs ... (Unwanted change of instruments in the various tracks, playing or even stop! Crash ... the recording ...), a real calamity ... translation in the manual is really poorl…

  • Magix Music Maker 2006

    Magix Music Maker 2006 - Guiom60's review


    * The installation is done it without problem? Instalation more than normal, fast and simple. Just follow the instructions. * Have you experienced any incompatibility? On the day of today no problems of this cot l. At least from the hardware…

  • Magix Sequoia 8

    Magix Sequoia 8 - lgabiot's review


    - The installation is done it without problems? yes, installing the software is clean and without problems. The activation process is less common following (product activation giving access to the forum, and activation of the dongle), you must foll…

  • Magix Music Studio 2006 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2006 Deluxe - OcinProd's review


    The installation of this software and no problems Submitted automatically installed and rev quickly, the box Magix Music Studio Deluxe 2006 includes 3 software for the sound: Magix Music Studio Deluxe 2006, Magix MIDI Studio Deluxe 2006 and multimedi…

  • Magix Samplitude 8 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 8 Pro - Zval's review


    Problem-free installation Everything is OK t SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Well, it's not a ProTools HD in terms of performance, but for my PC, there is little greedy and efficient trs. It does not plug in all cons, which is quite Gnant. But hey, te…

  • Magix Samplitude 6 Studio

    Magix Samplitude 6 Studio - Anonyme's review


    Problem-free installation no incompatibilitbr /> config without any concern manual a little hard but ... Worth SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE HP 2.8 1 GB ram audiophile 24/96 win2K CONCRETE LOW RESOURCES REQUESTED CPU LOAD VERY LOW TO …

  • Magix Music Studio 6

    Magix Music Studio 6 - artygone's review


    Installation without problem under Windows XP No inconsistency The configuration is very simple gnrale I do not ream the manual ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE on the other hand, remember to save your songs rgulirement because the software w…

  • Magix Samplitude 8 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 8 Pro - feyyyd's review


    - The installation is done without problems despite the installation of a USB dongle - No incompatibilities - The general configuration is very simple but you have to dive into the doc if you want to perform more advanced settings SUITABILITY/P…

  • Magix Samplitude 8 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 8 Pro - Benwhite's review


    The software installation is hassle free, all rolled ... The software is super intuitive, I used Magix Studio Deluxe 2004 before (consumer software), then I shall decide to invest a little. Samplitude 8 Pro includes the same features magix studio…