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Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6E

    Hufschmid Guitars H6E - "Hufschmid Tantalum 6 string guitar" has images


    I found out about Patrick Hufschmid from a close friend who loves guitars built by independent builders. After checking out the Hufschmid guitars website, I decided that I would like to place an order for a custom guitar. I decided upon the specif…

  • Keeley Electronics El Rey Dorado

    Keeley Electronics El Rey Dorado - "One of the best Plexi Tones in a Pedal"


    SOUND: A great Plexi Tone pedal that is ‘rich’ in tone, the El Rey Dorado certainly other descriptors, like grainy, defined and robust. The El Rey Dorado has two channels or select…

  • Yamaha SA2200

    Yamaha SA2200 - "You can't be wrong with it"


    Yamaha SA2200 is definitely one of the best semi-hollow body guitars in the market. It does not matter where one starts, from the production perspective, i.e. technology, materials, labour, or from the guitar players' perspective, it is very, very ha…

  • Tsakalis AudioWorks Six

    Tsakalis AudioWorks Six - "Destined to be a Classic for Sound and Diversity" has images


    SOUND: SIX produces a host of various tones/sounds, and overall they are very good (this may be due to the cap-less technology, viz., and capacity-free audio path). When working with dirt, SIX does a great job at hot-rodding the tone already there.…

  • Zoom H6

    Zoom H6 - "Limited Use for Everything but Live Recording"


    The controls are cumbersome, at best. Between the Menu switch and the arrow slide and switch, you can eventually get most functions to work if you are patient and memorize the weird defaults. Unfortunately, the mixer does not function as a tracking m…

  • JBL 104 Reference Monitor

    JBL 104 Reference Monitor - "JBL 104 Powered Reference Monitor Review" has images


    This is such a great desktop monitor for home recording musicians or people making audio/video content for (Youtube, etc). These little guys had great results while mixing and editing. The clarity and detail is phenomenal-- especially for the price …

  • Roland RD-2000

    Roland RD-2000 - "It's a Stage General, a Performance Powerhouse, Also Fantastic for the Studio"


    First, let me correct something here. The RD 2000 has 8 independent zones (which means, you can play up to 8 patches/sounds at a time, and adjust each of them independently). But you can combine even more than 8 at a time with a DAW of course. It d…

  • Crate XT120R

    Crate XT120R - "Powerhouse Amp"


    I bought this amp from Guitar Center after having tried it out with a Gibson LP Studio guitar. It had the kind of "crunch" tone I was looking for in a gain channel with excellent note definition that allows you to hear the separation of each individ…

  • Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board

    Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board - "It didn't do it for me "


    I bought it on trial for BB-1X Bass Driver, TU3 Tuner and WL-50 Wireless. They were all a tight fit, other than at the top of the right hand bay. You can't unplug the pedals - to save battery whilst not in use - without taking the pedals out of the B…

  • nUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb

    nUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb - "Incredible Clarity of Delay and Reverb" has images


    SOUND: The Atlantic (either delay or reverb) produces one of the cleanest and clearest effects I’ve heard. That may not sit well for everyone, as some musicians may prefer either delay or reverb to be toned down (a lower tone so that it stays hidde…