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  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - "A great bass for beginner!"


    It was my first bass and I've still got it today. I must say that choosing this bass was really a no-brainer because it is great value for the money. The PJ pickup configuration is imho the best to begin with the bass as you get the punch of a Preci…

  • Cort Action-A

    Cort Action-A - augylas's review


    -my cort action-a was made in Indonesia, i dont know is it good or bad place for guitars to be manufactured. -24 frets, Power Sound P & Jazz pickups, bolt on construction. -bridge EB7(4) -it has 2volume, 2-band active EQ -neck Maple, Modern &quot…

  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - "Cort Standard Action Bass"


    I got the cort bass since i was just starting out playing and I got it in a place called rock electronics in a nice little place called Dumbarton (SCOTLAND). the reason behind buy it was that cort comes from the same factory that builds Ibanez bass g…

  • Cort Action DLX

    Cort Action DLX - " not bad"


    Made in Indonesia I believe Agathis body with flamed maple top (for that price, it's beautiful!) Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets 2 pickups, 2-band active EQ, volume, balance The finish is very good for this price range. …

  • Cort Action Junior

    Cort Action Junior - " good value for money"


    Cort manufacturing, it's clean! UTILIZATION handle very nice, a humbucker one volume, one tone, neat finish SOUNDS low small and very light for those who have back problems it will parfait.acces to acute hyper easy to handle small size. do …

  • Cort Action VI-A

    Cort Action VI-A - " Unbeatable value for money!"


    6-string bass, made by Cort in Indonesia. This lower part of the Cort Action Series which happens to be the entry level. The body is agathis, neck 24 frets is maple, rosewood fingerboard, micro Powersound, active 2-band EQ, chrome hardware. Fr…

  • Cort Action V-A

    Cort Action V-A - " impeccable quality-price"


    see previous opinion (that said the low on the picture is not good that is a passive!) UTILIZATION Surprisingly pleasant handle end and a 5-string very easy to play (a little hard slap because strings close enough but with practice it happens a…

  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - " Excellent quality / price ratio"


    See above. UTILIZATION The handle is stressful pleasant, I have tried other basses in this price range and nothing to do. This bass is great for starters, it is very versatile and easy to ulitisation. This gives a good sound easily. SOUNDS …

  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - " The ultimate beginner"


    - Made in Indonesia - Maple neck, "C", screwed in four points - 24 frets - Two microphones: a guy in middle and Precision Bass Jazz Bass type bridge. - Low passive - Three knobs: volume and tone micro. UTILIZATION The bass is light and …

  • Cort Action DLX

    Cort Action DLX - " Certainly a good choice ..."


    - Made in Indonesia, certainly in the factories who are working for Squier, Yam etc.. - Bridge Fender Vintage style but a bit thicker. - Maple neck with reported head, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets mediums, 40mm at nut. - Swamp ash body (swamp…