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Deadbeatboy 02/14/2005

Cort Action V : Deadbeatboy's user review


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Made in Korea, with three pots of settings (one volume knob for each pickup and one to set the frequency, if you want to sound rather serious and round, or slap a little more), finally nothing very folichon but it's well done then what more ...


Then ... ct my very first bass, I want to honor him, because frankly ke it plays really well but the strings are close to the handle, it is not too heavy, and the handle is downright good. It is not especially thick and not very wide, ki allows easily catch large deviations of notes ...
Anyway frankly at this price is really nickel finish, there was nothing wrong ...


Bon's cot ... ben's say that it lacks some vital ... at least in Aiges, so to play funky slap, c cho a little (well jsuis not a pro either, but good) but if not for his rock pop metal rock show with lots of bass sound is not tro bad ... say that c is average for its class (350 approximately nine)


Finally if I've used in the group for 3 years now, repeating 'studio and concert and my record of good service, I think to start at a reasonable price is not better, you really feel that Cort is not by-products and they really try to do everything possible at low prices.
Nothing to say frankly to me it's really the best bass in its class ...
IDAL is for people not very good (like me) who likes the melodies with lots of notes and fast, since the handle is not very large, it can quickly jump from rope to rope with the mediator, or with fingers of other hand ...
So the only complaint is that it lacks little to be a little pep ... but hey c a problem for these areas often received them in price.