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Cort GB user reviews

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB 34A"


    $219 US at Adirondack Strings, Albany NY. I was in the shop for another reason and they just INSISTED that I check out their new arrivals from Cort. They weren't kidding and I wound up playing for 45min just because it played well and sounded…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB 34 A"


    Adirondack Strings Albany NY US $219 Actually, much as I liked it, I don't need another ax of this type. But I played it for about 3/4 hr and feel it's the best $219 bass I've ever touched, and want to review it so people know this altern…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB34A"


    I wanted to learn bass with a guitar that I wouldn't have to trade up when I could play, and the music store dude suggested the Cort GB34A above the Yamaha 270 (which is much lighter by far). List price was AUD$399 and I got 15% off that April 2004.…

  • Cort GB24

    Cort GB24 - "Cort GB24"


    I am saving for this bass. Im getting at Alligator Music, where it costs £199 It is in some beautiful colours, blue and green are my favourite. It has a comftable neck and is light. It has a great sound! It's a great bass to begin with, it is good…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - " Super bass guitarist for ..."


    See specifications on the NET UTILIZATION I'm a guitarist and I wanted to open myself to the world bass ... But which to choose? I came across an advert offering this low, I tested and there, love at first sight ... I was looking for a han…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - " Great for beginners!"


    4-string bass guitar, fretted, active Jazz Bass style. Made in Indonesia. It is equipped with two microphones MightyMite a Jazz Bass single side handle, and a double MusicMan bridge side. The satin maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. 22 frets, …

  • Cort GB75

    Cort GB75 - " My first 5 string"


    Canada maple neck. It is clear and fine, even on the rope Si short, it forgives not approximations but advancing quickly. In recent years, active / passive switch has been abandoned leaving a cut mediums. When shooting in hand, we say that it …

  • Cort GB99

    Cort GB99 - " Low endearing ..."


    Low good quality made in Korea (the good side Cort factories ...) on the model of a Jazz Bass but with a good look at her body very light lime, poplar figured beautiful table if you like, handle and key Maple, 2 Alnico "Jazz Mightymite" chrome hardwa…

  • Cort GB5-Custom

    Cort GB5-Custom - " A remarkable instrument"


    Made in Korea, bolt on neck, 22 frets, wide enough, rosewood fingerboard, large mechanical JB styles ... Ash body and beautiful maple top ... Two humbucking Seymour Duncan home: a typed MusicMan bridge (with a nice potato) and a typed JB neck (a b…

  • Cort GB74

    Cort GB74 - "GB: The "Groovy Bass""


    So 4 string bass brand "Cort". For information and to calm those who think that nothing beats Squier / Fender, you just know that the current Squier are manufactured in factories Cort! Hihihi ... made in Korea or Indonesia. 22 frets / neck screw…