scrountch 05/29/2005

Cort GB74 : scrountch's user review


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- Made in korea (it's written on the top of the handle)
- 22 frets (some have Scorers in acre d)
- Two microphones: a simple (mightymite. .. this is what is written on it) and a double humbucker pickups ... both are of good quality ... it's not the rain top
- 3 pots: 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 that controls the balance of acute and severe


- Then the handle seems quite ps to beginners, but you get done quickly and we realize that storytelling is a good round
- Access to acute trs simple no problems at this level
- It is lgre or at least heavier than other pa ...
- The form, I find it beautiful, but tastes good and the colors ...
- The level of sound and well I find effective is Submitted! we have a fairly wide range of sounds, but to look for.


So this bass as I said above has a wide range of sounds but overall it handles well! mics do not baves is no problem ... I meter board always good strings of the same, but I ca advice on all the bass! ... this bass is pretty polivalente (blues, rock, metal, jazz ...) is actually a prs can always have what want! but must test ... always before buying ...


- I u pdt a year before selling
- Report qual / exepetionnel enough price (cort. ..)
- I bcp AIM so yes I Rasht this bass without a problem!

She has the geule
Qual-report / Price

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... I know