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rodolpho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"GB: The "Groovy Bass""

Cort GB74
So 4 string bass brand "Cort". For information and to calm those who think that nothing beats Squier / Fender, you just know that the current Squier are manufactured in factories Cort! Hihihi ...

made in Korea or Indonesia.
22 frets / neck screwed by four large screws (just in the mind of at G & L) / color OPN (wholesale natural! Veining with visible wood!).
Swamp ash body, maple neck and it seems t ...

For weight: 3.9 kgs on the scales! Therefore lighter than a conventional JB with 4.5 kgs (600 grams and less on the shoulders it feels after 4 h in concert!).

The pickups: Jazz Music bass side handle and double-sided easel pad man. Config found on a lot of Sandberg (JM4 memory).
For settings: a master volume (with push / pull), a micro scale, a double knob which increases the treble or bass (in particular active). Then switch 2: one can boost the mids and the other switches the humbucker in 3 positions, namely the first "row" of blocks, or micro split in two, and finally the second row of block .

The bridge is beautiful! it looks like something very high end. Although massive, with a beautiful dress and a super resonant notes.
Ergonomics are good, everything is easily accessible. The really positive point is that there is the key knobs for my taste. Of course, some people like there 35 buttons to be filled ... Personal the more buttons it is more complex to solve (this is only my review).
This bass is powered by a 9V battery (I have not had to change it, but it's soon as I!). The advantage over other models: the battery is accessible through a hatch, it simplifies change battery in full concert, and especially avoid leaving the toolbox each time you loose the battery!).
The disadvantage: in fact there is no protection between the battery and preamp! So if you reverse the terminals of the battery (9 V rectangular arch known), you toast the preamp!
The former owner of the bass preamp has toasted the original, so he installed a Seymour Duncan preamp on mine! Yes!

Well it's ok for the config?
More ...


The handle: initially it looks like a round of classic jazz bass (38 mm at nut!) And a C-shape standard! So if you have a standard jazz bass you should see you there! On my bass, the varnish is very nice and lightweight, making it the handle feels good in hand with a very natural touch wood, nice!
For access to acute: Substantially the same as a standard jazz bass.
Speed: There are brands quickly on this set, and after a few minutes, one begins to stroll over with ease. In the end I prefer it to a lot of bass. It is maple fingerboard with mother of pearl inlay and blinding around the key: the class!

For weight, I find quite acceptable. It can be worry-free for several hours. Ben is balanced.

Then the sound: We'll talk about now??!
In short: this bass fits all styles, for against it admits a preference for funk, slap, in short, all styles that require high accuracy in the game notes, and play percussion. If I were to give a general idea, I'd say this bass is "incisive." It comes in but is very clean, straight and full of punch especially really appreciated ...
It can growl like to run a very specific and deep groove.


For me it's perfect! In addition to two other low passive "vintage", it is the excellent complement to the low but the oldest in the mind.
It is more "biting" shall we say ... The range of sound is huge!
We are going well with the sharp snapping pushed to very deep bass ideal to keep the house (just in the spirit of Toto).
What surprised me is that you can really catch the sound of Marcus Miller! To have owned, I can say that it is stunning! With serious bottom, treble at 50% and split the bridge pickup in last place is really close!
I know the likes of Marcus will jump ... And though they try it objectively!
What I love (and that's what made me crack!) It is the deep bass you can get with this bass without losing treble. The notes are well defined and can be heard in fine style!

Gripe: there is a level difference between assets and liabilities. It's not dramatic but it is stressed! I think this bass is really great when the preamp turned on! In liabilities, it is a good jazz / musicman ... passive!
Personally, I use it almost all the time running!
For amps, I use a preamp + headphone or my config stage: nothing to say, it sounds great everywhere!


I use it for a few days ...
Bass, I've had! around thirty ... The prestigious (4 Marcus Miller, Geddy Lee, Mayones, Sterling ... 5) averages (Squier Plow, JB ... or Fender Mex ...), the "original" shovels "unclean," the recent of vintage ... In short I had a lot between the legs! and all brands: Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Cort, Mayones, Aria, Leduc ...

This bass without being "the best" (in fact it does not exist! For every bass player has his own conception of the perfect coffee!), It is really very good. Sharp while being simple without being original, classic yet modern, beautiful without being a work of art ... An excellent low ratio Q / P. The low bass that can accompany the interim, until the semi-pro looking for a reliable robust and efficient. model outperforms a carefree Squier Classic vibe standard or a lot of Southwestern, even if the mind is not the same!

I hesitated between the JB deluxe and this one ... Well it without regret!
While Fender's easier to sell! But it's the only advantage I would say!
For the deluxe Fender Jazz bass is a Jazz bass with a preamp!
While this really takes 74 GB (including its micro config!) A different sound, I find more suited to a lot of situations.
Without wishing to denigrate Fender, it's a shame that people often stop to a brand to choose their instrument.

So I will play on "Cort"! So what??! On the one hand 99.99% of the public does not care royally (people listen to you for what you spend with your instrument! Not because the instrument is stamped "Alembic" or "Fodera"). On the other hand, what's important? Have a bass "sounds" or low "marketing"?
Sorry I am a musician, not commercial ...
Papou L04/04/2010

Papou L's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort GB74
Made in Korea
Fishman Piezo bridge with
Maple neck rosewood fingerboard profile JB
Channel 1 microphone type JB + 1 MM easel


Super stick that glides on its own, despite the rosewood a bit kinder to the net ropes round home that I immediately replaced by flat fillets, before it digs too.

Relatively heavy body, swamp ash forces, but suddenly the race does not address.

Access to acute but not correct at a neck-through.

Great sound with Piezo.

very average with the original pickups and especially difficult to move from one to another, the volumes are very different. JB very strong, much less see Mr. virtually inaudible.

In the beginning there was a lot of noise on the JB, repaired since its ground wire was not soldered!


Yes, I start on the fretless
I play on an old SWR.

I love the sound of Piezo, but hate the pickups but I think the change to have a more équilibré.Je'm probably wrong with my accustomed Vigier fretted.


I have the last 15 days.

I tried a Cort Artisan A4 but a big flaw on the neck of stringed instruments, a C4FL that did not sound at all.
And a secondhand Godin, who had a piezo and no microphone which seemed a bit limited, but eventually ...

For the price I would do without hesitation that choice, but they should put in Cort mics worthy of the name.

lebourrin91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort GB74
In which country was it made?
- In Korea

How many frets?
- 22

Configuration of microphones?
- A type Jazz in the neck position and a MusicMan type in the bridge position. No brand I know ... it's the "MightyMite".

What type of bridge?
- I do not know ... there is nothing written on it ... but it looks pretty good ...

What possible settings?
- A knob volume with push-pull to activate the active electronics
- A balance of micro knob
- A double knob acute (cut / boost) and severe (cut / boost)
- A two-position switch for midrange frequency selection
- A three-position switch for selecting the bridge pickup coil

What kind of channel?
- In maple with a maple fingerboard, rectangular markers in pearl, a white plastic nut
- Form "C", it looks like a stick JazzBass
- The frets "Large"
- The head and body are made of one piece
- Mechanisms Hipshot lic.


Before I had a Cort Action Bass 4 ... so I compare this bass compared to ...

The English Channel is it fun?
- I love! Bigger than my old bass. This form of race suits me perfectly and I get to play really fast ... It is well finished and has no surfaces would do is a little rough ... unlike the Squier Vintage Modified JazzBass I also tested ...

Access to acute is it easy?
- Yes ... I was already happy with my old bass on this point but then there ... it's great ... Of course we did better, but the look of this bass is a killer !

Ergonomics is good?
- I love the shape that reminds me of a really JazzBass.
- It stays in place when I play seated and balanced when I'm standing ... what else?
- The weight ... it is made Swamp ash (swamp ash) weight level ... so it could be worse ...

Do you get a good sound easy?
- It's super versatile ... I have not had time to test the beast ... but there's potential ... It's a little confusing at first.


They are suitable to your style of music?
- I play mostly rock and funk and it suits me really well ... but I did not dpuis long so I still looking for my son ...

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
- I play on an amp (for me ***) Harley Benton HB40B and I use from time to time a distortion or my CryBaby ...

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
- This gives a lot of different sounds but I have not really had time to discover all the sounds.

What sounds do you prefer?
- For now I use the most: Volume bottomed active with only the bridge pickup, both bands of the equalizer in the middle position, the switch in position a serious medium and micro switch windings in position " all activated "


How long have you use it?
- Since only one day ...

What is so special that you like most and least?
- What I love most: the micro configuration, color (natural finish), form.
- What I like least: it lacks the small metal plate under the pots as the JazzBass ... but hey it's a detail.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
- I hesitate between the lowest and JazzBass Squier Vintage Modified ... I made my choice ... ;-) I'd also compared to a Fender Mex JazzBass of OCCAZ ... but I had not been packed ...
- Compared to my old bass (I repeat for those who have forgotten: a Cort Action Bass) is a huge difference ... in the positive sense of course ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
- Huge! Compared to the Squier I tested it's great ... I did not expect to have a low level of this for this price (410 euros California Bass).

With experience, you do again this choice?
- No problem. I have to record a demo with my group ( ) during the summer ... I'm very happy with my choice ...

scrountch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort GB74
- Made in korea (it's written on the top of the handle)
- 22 frets (some have Scorers in acre d)
- Two microphones: a simple (mightymite. .. this is what is written on it) and a double humbucker pickups ... both are of good quality ... it's not the rain top
- 3 pots: 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 that controls the balance of acute and severe


- Then the handle seems quite ps to beginners, but you get done quickly and we realize that storytelling is a good round
- Access to acute trs simple no problems at this level
- It is lgre or at least heavier than other pa ...
- The form, I find it beautiful, but tastes good and the colors ...
- The level of sound and well I find effective is Submitted! we have a fairly wide range of sounds, but to look for.


So this bass as I said above has a wide range of sounds but overall it handles well! mics do not baves is no problem ... I meter board always good strings of the same, but I ca advice on all the bass! ... this bass is pretty polivalente (blues, rock, metal, jazz ...) is actually a prs can always have what want! but must test ... always before buying ...


- I u pdt a year before selling
- Report qual / exepetionnel enough price (cort. ..)
- I bcp AIM so yes I Rasht this bass without a problem!

She has the geule
Qual-report / Price

the -:
... I know