Papou L 04/04/2010

Cort GB74 : Papou L's user review


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Made in Korea
Fishman Piezo bridge with
Maple neck rosewood fingerboard profile JB
Channel 1 microphone type JB + 1 MM easel


Super stick that glides on its own, despite the rosewood a bit kinder to the net ropes round home that I immediately replaced by flat fillets, before it digs too.

Relatively heavy body, swamp ash forces, but suddenly the race does not address.

Access to acute but not correct at a neck-through.

Great sound with Piezo.

very average with the original pickups and especially difficult to move from one to another, the volumes are very different. JB very strong, much less see Mr. virtually inaudible.

In the beginning there was a lot of noise on the JB, repaired since its ground wire was not soldered!


Yes, I start on the fretless
I play on an old SWR.

I love the sound of Piezo, but hate the pickups but I think the change to have a more équilibré.Je'm probably wrong with my accustomed Vigier fretted.


I have the last 15 days.

I tried a Cort Artisan A4 but a big flaw on the neck of stringed instruments, a C4FL that did not sound at all.
And a secondhand Godin, who had a piezo and no microphone which seemed a bit limited, but eventually ...

For the price I would do without hesitation that choice, but they should put in Cort mics worthy of the name.