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Cort Zenox user reviews

  • Cort Z42 (2012)

    Cort Z42 (2012) - "I will never sell this"


    I've been using this guitar for a longer period of time now. I bought this red baby to start playing & I also got an IBZ 10G for a cheap price. The latter i gave away, though. Now I use a 85W Hy-X combo with 40W RMS, I keep it not loud, though, I u…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - " Well to start"


    Comes from Indonesia 22 boxes and two humbuscker splitables an easel and tune-o-matic You end up with a good violin and microphone does not prevent accurate lutherie express themselves. Only flaw is the handle of lutherie that tends to shif…

  • Cort Z22

    Cort Z22 - " 8 years of marriage! not a wrinkle."


    same config as the other reviews, pickgard black mirror. UTILIZATION Then the court but the handle is big enough box, it is late it is extremely pleasant and differs enormously from one measurement to handle Les Paul, this is the exact opposite. …

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - "Good entry level guitar, quality / price!" has images


    Manufacturing: Made in Indonesia Bridge: Fixed Tune-type O-Matic tailpiece through Mechanical: bath oils generic Channel: - Maple, Bolt - Profile C - Radius 12 "305mm - Pitch 24.75 "629mm Frets: 22 medium frets Body: mahogany ta…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - " Uh .."


    Hi, I just received my new Cort Z42 zenox Order cheap w *** b **** Default of fabriquation at the jack of the guitar is missing a screw which is a bad sign .. I'm gonna see tomorrow morning with the sav but not throwing the delivery and therefo…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - arsenik symphony's review


    Indonesia has 22 frets and two humbuckers splitables Tune-o-matic 2 volumes + 1 tone 1push-pull (splits mics) maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and mahogany body. 8 very good and fairly good mic Luthra level value for money c to kil the best U…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - blackhorse's review


    I possde diffrent a version with a new head and a bevel least exagrbr /> as the photo Audiofanzine, the label of APRS Control is the 2008 version! The body looks more like a PRS that a Lespaul! good ergonomics. Dj t everything said about the d…

  • Cort Z22

    Cort Z22 - ebrian's review


    See below. UTILIZATION This guitar has the personality to the point of view look.Bonne gnrale.Plutt versatile ergonomics. Equilibre.Manche flat end which allows a fast game, personally j'apprcie. SOUNDS Sounds nice, the attack, the PCHE, some…

  • Cort Z44

    Cort Z44 - lonlevade's review


    Guitar made in asia 22 frets, 2 pickups and split tailpiece bridge to cross 2 volumes, one tone splittable handle end ... nice to be honest. UTILIZATION The handle is a formidable finesse. The ease of playing, irreplaceable ... The high…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - Alexielle51's review


    - Made in Indonesia - Mahogany body - Saddle sleeve visbr /> - rosewood fingerboard - 2 humbuckers PSLPB - TonePros bridge with strings through body - 22 large frets - 2-button tone / volume - A button that is raised to activate the mic…