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Multivox Delays / Echos user reviews

  • Multivox Mx-312

    Multivox Mx-312 - "Multivox MX-312 Is Analog Echo Goodness"


    The Multivox MX-312 is a vintage, solidstate tape echo unit. It also has a spring reverb unit in it. It has connections for various audio levels at both input and output. It is a vintage device, so there is not PC connectivity. UTILIZATION The manu…

  • Multivox MX-201

    Multivox MX-201 - moosers's review


    The Multivox MX-201 Multi Echo is a uniquely designed analog delay box that I've used in a recording studio setting. The studio that I work at has one of these, but it isn't set up all the time and only sees use when someone decides to whip it. The…

  • Multivox MXD-5

    Multivox MXD-5 - moosers's review


    The Multivox MXD-5 is an analog delay and spring reverb unit. It's designed as a recording studio effect, which is the setting that I've used the box in. I don't know too much about it's characteristics, as I've only used it a limited number of tim…

Translated user reviews
  • Multivox MX-201

    Multivox MX-201 - Feelbe's review


    What are the effects, types of effects available? Tape delay, spring reverb and tape (I think = Swell Reverb) What is the connection? by jack so it's a very big machine that makes 3 effects, either echo or reverb or both. But be careful it's heav…