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moosers 06/22/2010

Multivox MXD-5 : moosers's user review


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The Multivox MXD-5 is an analog delay and spring reverb unit. It's designed as a recording studio effect, which is the setting that I've used the box in. I don't know too much about it's characteristics, as I've only used it a limited number of times since I've only been freelancing at the studio where I've used this. I'm unsure of the connections since it was hooked up to the studio's patch bay where I made the connections for it. It does however have 1/4" connections for many of the parameters for easy connecting and for inserting foot pedals. It is a rack mountable piece of gear that will take up take two spaces in a traditional casing.


Using the Multivox MXD-5 is a simple process, as you really don't need to know much about these types of effects to use this. It's generally self explanatory because the parameters that it has aren't out of the ordinary for something like this. It's got knobs for mic and instrument levels, tone, reverb, echo, repeat, and delay. The mic and instrument parameters have 1/4" connections for choosing either a higher or lower signal. I've never had a need to seek out a manual for the MXD-5, but I would imagine that you would have a hard time finding one.


I've found that with the Multivox MXD-5 I'm able to get some very cool and contrasting delay and reverb sounds. I probably like it best for it's spring reverb tone, but the delay is more in depth and there is more that can be done with it. Even though the reverb doesn't have much control, it has a very realistic sound to it that I would be happy to use whenever something called for it. The delay is also quite realistic sounding and has more versatility than the reverb, making it overall more useful in my opinion. This definitely sounds like an analog box, including the noise that you'll get with it :) .


I don't know how easy it would be to pick up an MXD-5, but I certainly haven't seen them around too many studios. It seems like those who know about this box love it, but most people will never have heard of it. While it's not the best analog delay or analog reverb that I've heard at all, it's very respectable sounding and can be had used at a very cheap price if you find one. Definitely worth it if you can find one for about $100-$200 USD...