Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017

Portico 5017, DI from Rupert Neve Designs in the Portico series.

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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fabamarie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" mobile channel strip"

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017
I did that for several weeks
preamp, DI, compressor, phase sweep


very simple to use, I have the 610 with a compressor of the same type, I mean, just one button and the settings perfect for recording a voice, and more here the setting can be changed with a time of attack long by changing the jumpers.

you can connect 2 microphones (you need a preamp for the second), we can have 2 separate outputs or a single with a mix of the 2 inputs, similarly switch the compressor on one or the other by moving a jumper in the critter

for now I have not tested all these possibilities, for me it's very simple, record a voice when I'm away from home with a small compression in decision

damage activate the phantom power behind

super button notched on the preamp, you really gain time


headroom is impressive, what power and not a breath, it's really clean

I have at home 1 LA 610 and an Avalon 737 SP, I had forgotten that the transistor preamps have more colors, the sound is a little less round than my other tube preamp, it is just very clear, not as round as I have desired but manages function with silk, the highs become sweeter, super
a small grain very nice, I might have loved more than mediums (used lamps) but I need more time to tame it and test it with other mics

for now I only tested with a Brauner Phantom, really good definition of a voice. U87 with a guitar (note the setting of the compressor in quick attack, do not put too much) well-defined treble, bass present but I will when I have saved with better Converto
In any case it is really clean with a little character, just enough for me, not too clear as the RME preamps, not too colorful as in british Toft

on a bass I loved it, I turned a little knob sweep phase and I never heard my bass to 100 euros as accurately, she has just returned the value in my eyes


very practical, a channel strip laptop settings to the 2-stroke 3 movements, small white buttons are a bit fragile, Silk enables the function to have 2 different colors, it's good for the voice, the compressor is transparent I like a real comfort to the registration

a real slice channel strip pro at 950 euros where as the other SPL Gain Station have no compressor, I wonder how I had not seen this before because it was a moment that I was looking for a preamp transistor and it's made me say that I liked a small compressor on it which made me find this magical little box at that price.

nikel, I will take not 2 because it has everything I need in this box to save the guiitare whisper away from home

it's only a few weeks I have, I was 15-day trial, from the first listen I knew it was professional equipment and it was worth the 950 euros, that's why I still take my time to test
I'd like a little test function Silk still on vocals