Avalon U5
Avalon U5

U5, DI from Avalon.

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moosers's review

Avalon U5
The Avalon U5 is a high quality, single channel direct input box. It is an analog unit and just has two 1/4 inch connections - one is an input to plug your instrument or signal into and the other is a through output to send your signal someplace else if you so desire. The Avalon U5 is not in rack form and is a box that can sit on top of your rack space.


The configuration of the Avalon U5 is quite easy to follow as it just has a limited amount of parameters and options. It has two knobs - one for boost and one for tone, as well as buttons for high cut, and for choosing either speaker signal or active to input, and also has a button to put the tone in and out. It also has two LED meters for monitoring your signal and for power. I don't have a manual for the Avalon U5, but it is easy to use and you really don't need it if you don't already have one.


The sound quality of the Avalon U5 is really top notch as far as direct input boxes go. It has way more parameters available to control your tone than most DI boxes which adds to its versatility. The Avalon U5 is great for anything that you would want to capture with a direct input signal, but I use it most for bass guitar and keyboards. It definitely presents and accurate picture of the sound that you trying to capture and won't color your tone at all. The Avalon U5 is just about as good as it gets for a DI box.


I've been using the Avalon U5 for about two years and it is probably the best direct input box that I've used. It gives you a lot of options over your tone and I always find that I get great sounding results with it. The price isn't cheap, but it is really designed for professionals and for this reason I really wouldn't recommend it for home studio owners. Overall, the Avalon U5 is truly a great sounding direct input box.

afterglow479's review

Avalon U5
This is an analog direct box. I got this a while ago mostly just to use for DI bass recording. It is pretty pricey so you probably don't want to take it out on the road. Apart from just serving up a signal to your sound card of the appropriate level, there is also an optional tone shape control, which is basically a simplified EQ. You also get a high cut if you want it, and then of course level adjustment. There are standard audio connections, including your HiZ input for guitar/bass input. This is half-rack size, so you can't mount it traditionally. I believe Avalon sells a kit to make it rack mountable though.


The configuration and setup is extremely easy. You pretty much just plug it in, turn it on, and plug in your instrument and you should be good to go. You'll probably want to do some experimenting with the tone shaper option. You can definitely sometimes improve your bass sound with the right setting on this tone shaper knob. The manual is very thorough and can give you some good starting points on using this unit well.


The sound quality of this direct box is totally pristine. This is the best box that I've used. Your instrument is going to come in crystal clear assuming you've got good cables. It is definitely more of a transparent sounding box on its own, but you can color it some if you want to using the tone shaper control on the front panel. Definitely A+ in the sound category.


I have been using this for a few years. I love the great sound quality and the dependability of this box. I am just about never disappointed with the sound I get out of it, and if I am it's usually the bass that's to blame. I have tried a lot of other direct boxes, and this one's quality takes the prize. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for - in this case a great direct box. I would get it again - I need it for my bass tracks.

denbass44's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Class A as Clean"

Avalon U5
+ DI preamp clasea 6 presets and adjusting the input level


Super simple once the connections made. For the latter, there are opportunities to enter after a jack output a speaker that would also benefit from a combo that already color the sound as you like.
Guests can also get together for the entrance of his combo (back scene Personal) and for sound input.


One thing is certain is that this means even if you do not use the presets.
Not that U5 distorts the sound, but it magnifies the airs, gives depth to want you in here, enhances the dynamics and gum which is aggressive or unpleasant.
It's simple, when I use it in rp, group members are impressed by the class of sound and the ability to not get tired. Disadvantage small complex for others (okay there's no jealousy but be careful as it might sound quality that is clearly out of the lot).
Even more obvious in our model.
The downside to the preset that are too oriented dug equalization (very good for slap and modern sound) .il I miss a preset with a bump medium (I play funk fingers). So 8 instead of 10


6 months and not ready to part
Plus, purity and magnificence of sound, and that's a pure pleasure
Least, no interruteur sector and preset with medium hump
I would not change that if Avalon gommait these oversights.
For me, the price is justified and I am very happy with my purchase.

keyboardwizard08's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love!"

Avalon U5
Bottom Live transistor "pure class A".
Input jack on the front, line and XLR mic at the back, headphone output.
Adjustment of input and 6 preset EQ level.


Very easy to use, I used primarily in home studio before a sound card.


This DI box is transparent and very clean, does not stain at all. I use it with bass, electric guitars and electro-acoustics.
It is fabulous with low, one branch, it sets a preset and it sounds, this is terrible.
A guitarist friend was impressed by the sound of his electro-acoustic spent in the U5, I think it was conquered!


I have one thing to say go for it!
Of course, this DI box is not cheap though everything he brings is soon forgotten its price. It is simple to use and most importantly it SOUNDS!
The only criticism I can make is that there is no switch on / off.
finger iguana01/11/2014

finger iguana's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" I prefer the guitar"

Avalon U5
This is a DI output with a line or mic level. It contains a transistor preamp and EQ presets.


I often used to record the bass and guitar. I much prefer neve 1073 for bass. on the other hand for a stat in the clear, it's beautiful. I used it a few times in concert without an amp (A Ramp Grenoble) with a Precision and it is very comfortable for little there worthy returns the name.


It is transparent and soft. Eq presets are quite strange I think. The one I prefer is No. 2 on the Precision. On Jazzbass and Strat, I disable eq.


This is an excellent DI that can replace an amp Live sound if the conditions are good. Recording is essential, but Neve often come first. I think it's better on a guitar than a bass. On the low against it can be used as reinforcements of a microphone jack. For the price used is valid because it has a DI with a preamp for about 300 euros. Eq presets are rarely used in my opinion. I would have perhaps not bought new.
Bass Vador12/31/2013

Bass Vador's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

Avalon U5
I was looking for a preamp / DI to transform the impedance and attack a compressor properly DBX 160A
I eventually turned my traditional amps (bass mark) to go directly into a PA amp.

To the sound is simply excellent, it is always in the most accurate, not a fart breath.

For lovers of transistor, the foot, I would say that this preamp coupled to an amplifier PA is the best solution for me amplifying transistor.

on the other hand, if you prefer heat lamps, and many buy the lamp, the U5 is not just that.


the boost up to 30 db is very effective, the sound is clear, it is difficult to get the signal distortion.

Presets équalsation board are great and well oriented to the bottom, however, I still recommend having a real equalizer (or rack then an integrated bass preamp) for more flexibility on the equalizer.


I am very satisfied on all uses, it is very neutral and accurate, I feel that the bandwidth is extended (I got more bass) compared to preamps that equipped my MB heads.


I put 9 and not 10 because I think it would have been desirable to carry a meter to indicate the level of output (useful for attacking a console or sound card) and I would also add a mute is always helpful.

El_Becko's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quickly becomes indispensable for the bass!"

Avalon U5
Characteristics are known and available in pdf at:

Note that you can:
- Use it as a DI and link to his amp
- Connect to the amp and connect the DI out of the amp to the U before attacking the patch
- But, I would say most importantly, connect the speaker output of the amp to the proper input on the U5 which becomes "power absorber" high quality (up to 400 W)

In all 3 cases you have the choice between out line level or microphone level
You also have the choice to use or not, one of six EQ presets available

In short: if it is not a Swiss Army Knife ....


It is "plug and play" connect, test the EQ .... play!

On first use it is the Shoe Fits in less than 15 minutes.


That's where we reached Nirvana ... almost.

Frankly the signal given by the U5 is very classy! Its a real pro, a real signal studio!
I mainly play on a JazzBass American Deluxe 5 string which preamp high quality is recognized to attack the wonder of DI boxes for direct-sound.
With U5 is still taking another step toward excellence.
I mostly use presets 1 and 2, the second is perfect for erasing the "over-medium" of the jazz bass in rock contexts without a heavy sound ...

The only downside is probably that after a time, and in some specific cases, a more vintage look less clean sound a little mushy ..... and with U5 DI alone as it doesn ' is not possible: thus the stack studio on Spring!

In this regard the entry HP is very useful to dub old beast tube which we want to take the grain and / or do not have DI output but against on modern combos or heads (Markbass, Aguilar etc. .. ..) power stage "switching" it does nothing at all.


The price is not really democratic, but:

- You appear totally justified in taking his first
- And if the U5 is widespread in the spokes of our dear providers do not forget to ask about your data sheet!

To summarize I would say that U5 is typically the kind of equipment do we avoid a too long speech, but rather we recommend a trial of urgency at all concerned about his bass signal :)

The only HIC, you are warned, is that the U5 then quickly becomes indispensable and especially almost irreplaceable.
Not that there are no other manufacturers to offer high-end DI for bass, but they are often more expensive!

Epilogue: (true story!)

I (and others): - "ouaaahheuuu the super bass sound too cooool maaan!"
Artistic Director - "not bad mouai"
me: - "bah it does not then well I like ....?"
the art director - "not missing something, the last time we worked together you had more depth t'vois ah yes it is where your U5???"
me: - "erff beh ... it was not me and saw the price of my preamp I thought not ...."
Artistic Director - "remember your good friend we will repeat the shot with a U5"

no comments ....

overson's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The direct box dream!"

Avalon U5
Simple ID


No need for manual or he must be deaf!
Very easy to access


Very very very beautiful sound. I only use it for bass and it does!


I care! Its only flaw is that it does not switch ON / OFF

Fabsalab's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avalon U5
What technology is used? (Analog transistor
What are the effects, or types of effects available? Dibox, EQ
What is the connection? jack and xlr
Is it a rack or rack-mount model? not


The general configuration is simple? yes very simple
Editing sounds and effects is easy? yes, but I do not like to use the eq in memory
The manual is clear and sufficient? the manual??


The sound of your instruments or your microphone is correctly reproduced? The preamp makes it clear or does it stain?

No staining


How long you use it?
7 years
What is so special that you love the most, least? the eq programmed that I find very typical, but it's done on purpose, and unconvincing
sound on the guitar, bass and double bass, it's a bit s why we actually uses o)
Did you tried many other models before buying it? not

How would you rate the quality / price? good but it is expensive to buy secondhand if possible
With experience, you do again this choice? I do not know there are many other DIBs are also very good in this price range, also the cheapest, most expensive too

Micmac1981's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" it rocks!!!"

Avalon U5
See other opinions


Simple config

English Manual

Setting sounds, very easy


I use it with bass, acoustic guitar and electric and frankly it does


I use it for 3 years

I love everything about this tool

I'll buy it again if necessary