Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition

Audition, Digital Audio Editor from Adobe.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 11 reviews )
 8 reviews73 %
 3 reviews27 %

yoTrakkz's review

Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition is exactly like Cool Edit Pro, which is the software most of use all started on many years back. Adobe Audition has all of the basics you need to get up and recording in a flash. You can pretty much sync any audio interface in with Adobe Audition and it will work like a charm.


Adobe Audition doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of a Pro Tools or some of the other programs that are out now, but it still has plenty more then enough effects to get going and started. I have used Adobe Audition for about 5 years off and on. We used it when I work an internship at a radio station. We recorded all interviews live right in to Adobe Audition and then did some editing. Some of the preset effects that are in Adobe Audition didn’t sit well with me. They didn’t seem to be very professional so it was better to tweak all of them. The presets I am talking about are the (chorus, and reverb). You will definitely need to tweak those presets to get them ready.


But over all Adobe Audition has been around for some time now and has worked great. I recommend this software to anyone that’s on a tight budget and needs some recording software. This will do the trick, you can create a whole album from the privacy of your own home with Adobe Audition. This program never crashed on me not even once, I ran it with windows XP and also with window vista. Plus the price of this software makes it very affordable for anyone. So give it a try, but if you want to do more than just what this program can do, you will need to upgrade and go with a software like pro tools.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A legacy to live up"

Adobe Audition
No problem with the installation.
To configure the sound card, it is not automatic on the other hand; it is quite a hack to select inputs and outputs that will be used to record ...


No problem latency below 18 tracks because even then, the software pre-treated the calculation before starting playback.


I use it since version "Cool Edit Pro 2" Adobe has bought! That was in 1995!
The old interface is still the most futuristic I think. The effects are still great even for the time.

Kilianh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
Installation Nikel and light.
No compatibility issues
No configuration problem, It is for his cot and intuitive as I chose.


I use it on a Barton 2800 +, 1GB DDR dual channel on an Asus Deluxe A7N8XE and M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96, the software does not row, it becomes just a little longer when applying effects one or more tracks. But that's normal, the effects are applied in real time. C is still a very very reasonable.
I REALLY can not judge its performance because it is the only sound they love eidteur given t test. I begin Music. But personally, I am very satisfied j'obtient very good results.


I use it for a month. what I like most is its simplicity of use. Is the least vis a vis the MIDI, see other reviews. But personally, maybe I make a mistake but I work that from samples. I program drums and then record my guitar parts.

I would do without this choice hesitate one second and is not ready to leave me.
In fact, I have a friend who has recorded a studio album and they used Cool Edit Pro 2 (his little brother), he is happy with the result.

Terch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
Installation without problem, I never had any incompatibility with hardware. The configuration is gnrale faile. The manual is not much ... has been so long since I use it! (Cool Edit since a fire on my old PII)
Surely one of the most faile software to install and use.


We run 1.5 on the AAudition Celeron 1.7Ghz, 512Ram, Win XP PRO is for professional use (RADIO) Digigram PCX cards with 924.
The software works parfaitemment for our use (Sessions of fifteen tracks max, 5 or 6 plugs with Waves processing insert). Note latency 300ms recording of the drivers for Digigram. At home with my AU-1000 (Edirol), Latency is almost non-existent.
The Soft trs t always stable, even on small configs. Obviously the more powerful PC config, the more Systm PC-SOFT will be stable.


I use this app since its inception (Cool Edit V1 with IIP in 1999). I like this software its ct intuitive, yet often DCRI. I converted all my friends and professionals I work impossible (without putting a knife to her throat ...). The rapidity of execution, treatments, while TRS is a good software and multitrack edition to the world of radio (it's also used the BBC). It embeds a native SERIES important treatments and tools, which makes it a powerful sound design.

As for music, can be full of things (I've long used in a recording studio and my personal purposes, a mixer coupled-), but the absence of squenceur MIDI and non-support of ASIO are rdibitoires for home-studio owners musician keyboardist time somewhat. If one day AAudition intgre these functions the more I keep this software.

I know it's the only software that allows you to find the session in the state if the PC crashes (god knows how many times it saved me when j'tais under Win 98). The best guarantee of professionalism when you have a client or ct! And let no one tell me that Systm as Pro-Tools on Mac, it does not crash: I've also costs, and this often ...
Adobe Audition does not blush before a Protools (or other, I have nothing against ProTools), and in addition, for the price (299), actually a good tool trs trs! !

A note in his auditory version 1.5 intgre's VST plug-ins with varying degrees of success.

ludothebest's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
The normal installation without problem. the manual is very useful and clear.


My computer was in 2004 AMD 2500 + 512 ram
stable and efficient software


I use it recently and besides I am learning what is useful and I think its use is simple if it has always key to the test ... but the manual is welcome!
but against it is expensive .... I find even very expensive ... but worth the cost!

Benobiboo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
Installation no problemo, it's all compatible, and the config is smoothly ....


My computer is an AMD 1.3 Ghz small hill on a map LRE K7S5A ... 256 MB SDRAM, 40 GB HDD Maxtor, and "I am ashamed-in sound card intgre the motherboard??

The software works perfectly on this config, and performance is excellent

The hardware configuration / software was stable


I use it for about 3 months with no problem

I prfre is the possibility to switch to musical spectrum in frquence (trs useful to me), and the ease of use of options such as cutting band for example.
It is against damage that can t be a multi view window (when working on simultanment two files, one must go through the systmatiquement menu on the left ..), and hearing no cre no temporary files (if you work on files longer than an hour - which happens quite often one is forced to wait 10 minutes each file loads ...)

Acqurir before, I tried Soundforge and Samplitude, which are also good software trs

The report price is quite good quality

Exprience I would do with that choice, because Adobe knows what he does .... I expect to have just enough money to buy the software suite complte ...

Jerome51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
Driver problem ... WDM in the motu blah ... it is time to get the asio .... -5 Points, not record more than 2 tracks both ...
Configuration: not bad ... there is great and the very poor ... I do not have large tracks (multi-mode adjustable ...);; it may be me but ...
manual: there have been better ... there are too many rglage I got the basic setup (they would have done better to put asio drivers ...). -2 Points
Also I did not understand, there has been either 16 or 32-bit ... 24, ... not be found .... compare sonar, the installation and config is far from being perfect, you know, send me a mail I'm interested, I am a mail INTERESTED ...
It is important to remember that this software is normally intended to be the solution in adobe audio ... when you compare their other products ... Premire, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or After Effects Pro or Acrobat ... they still got my work ... before being leader but are able to because all their other products are a must (apart from quark and final cut rsiste that ... (laughs )...). The strength of adobe, is precisely the intgration and software compatibility of all these together ...


Amd athlon 2.4, 1gig of ram ..
motu 828 card (avoid this card with hearing) ..
no problem of stability beyond the problem of cards ... motu - 2 points still ...
intgration vidorussi ...


For about 4 / 6 months ...
what I like most is the interface ...
least the wdm driver and the impossibility of recording sessions over a twelve o'clock synth and trs trs little possibility midi ... (Noon - 3 points)
report all of the same quality price INTERESTED ..
I do it again this election for a single reason: the interface I prfr ... cubase, sonar too .... got my graphics support Nuendo I do not like the window of edition ... ProTools, Pyramix ... it lacks a version francaise otherwise I would be directed towards its products .. samplitude not know ...
Mr. adobe go ... a little effort and you have software for me almost perfect ...

Maxowl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
No problem, even no need to configured ...


At the adequacy I is not had a problem that I was about to Cool Edit Pro before. The only small problem I had is that I had completely lost because repere m hearing is in French and I had become accustomed and I m all repere on Cool Edit Pro that were him in english.
but if there're people have problems with this software is that it really make any effort. It really is a breeze, at least I was not having fun tried to put a kid in front of the software anyway! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window


Nothing to say except that I find to be little shame that this software is not realy too little! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window

Aktivist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
No problem, ever since the release of Cool Edit Premire
Trslger few CPU
Manuel Clear, easy installation .. but happiness: D


All the configurations I have had in the IIP worked perfectly, no crash, just rgler buffers correctly. Trs good performance
Currently trslger and usable Rewire ...
In addition, in case of crash machine, the work is always rcuprable (management of temporary files copy) ... which is rare ... plutt


I use it recently prs 4 years, I worked on Sound Forge, Wavelab, and is the only software that offers many native treatments, with as much paramtrages (you can see the Yann Coppier tests in comparisons with recording softwares to convince you) and unlike its competitors, it has a multitrack audio trs squenceur powerful and intuitive, which is not envy Pro-tools (from software point of view ... I hear he does not have the same hardware infrastructure dedicates), even if I Whereas more as a tool for sound design that a s sequencer. The report price is really INTERESTED quality, the acquisition of the guarantees Syntrillium Adobe prnit of soft and revolutions are constant ...
My only complaint would not support the ASIO drivers for now, but it is normally dveloppement ...
I would do the same choice recess, and without hsitation ... I actually converted a lot of my collgues
Audition = (Sound Forge Batch Converter +) or (+ Nuendo Wavelab)
NeSty neSs03/30/2004

NeSty neSs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition
Instalation problem without
no need for manual, simple c


It consumes no power


It's been three years since I used the (pre-c was cool edit pro) I love him with all my heart ;))))
c s a log which is attached ...