Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2

ReCycle 2.2, Digital Audio Editor from Reason Studios in the ReCycle series.

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All user reviews for the Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Poor
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Nonstopbeats's review"Review of Recycle 2.2"

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
Recycle is a program that let's you import audio files and chop them into individual sections so that they can then be imported into sequencers and samplers that use the Rex file format. Recycle is a simple piece of software that does a small job. However, it does this job extremely well and is the only piece of software available that can effectively chop pieces of audio into individual sections and save them as a single file. Other programs such as Renoise have built in features that allow the ability to chop and re-edit audio files. However, this is not always convenient.

The program is good when it is used to chop up up drum loops, but can also be used for vocals and other sounds that contain dips in volume. These Rex files can then be imported and re-sequenced in a different order. Some devices, such as the Rex player in Proppellerheads Reason can also carry out a wide range of effects to an entire Rex file, which can then lead to a wide range of interesting effects. I found pitching slices within the rex file to be very interesting, as well as the ability to reverse certain slices. This meant that you could have some of the drums in a loop playing forwards, whilst others played backwards.


The software is very rarely updated, as it does a simple job well and does not need any additional features added. However, this new version does come with some improvements to the user interface, which can help users when they are using the program.

Key features

The new version has been designed so that it is compatible with operating systems that are 64 bit, such as OS X Lion for Mac. Another addition is the ability to gain tempo information that can be helpful when chopping up the audio. The user interface has also been updated and is now easier to navigate around.

A new waveform screen is also included that shows silent sections by dimming them on the visual image. This is useful for when an individual needs to manually chop up an audio file. The user interface has also now incorporated the R, E, W and Q keyboard keys which can be used to select certain tools on the main window.

Pros and Cons

What I liked about Recycle was it’s ease-of-use and the ability that you have in chopping up a wide range of different sound files. The program introduces a new aspect of creativity to the productions as sounds can be chopped up and re-edited in new and interesting ways. Many modern electronic musicians use these techniques in interesting and dynamic ways within the tracks. I found that the benefit of being able to chop up samples very useful.

What I find annoying about the program is the fact that it is so expensive for what you get. The program is incredibly simple but does the job well. However, the steep price will put a lot of people off and this is a shame, as the program is incredibly useful.


The thing which makes Recycle so important as an audio software tool is that it is the only program that is available which can do the specific task of chopping audio files into individual sections, resulting in a Rex file. Other programs, such as Audacity can be used and will allow the individual the ability to chop individual sections from an audio file. However, this will be a long and fiddly process and the result will not be great. Therefore Recycle is the definitive tool for this job.


Recycle is an incredibly simple tool but is also incredibly important if you want to take sound files and chop them up so that they can be re-edited. This is a very important task to be able to do in just about all forms of modern music and is one of the key ways in which to sample sounds and reprogram them effectively. The only problem with this software is that it is rather experience for what it can do. However, Recycle is the best tool for this type of job and is an essential piece of software for anyone that is serious about music production.

ericthegreat's review"have used it for over a decade"

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
I've been using Recycle 2.1 in for a long time now and still use it sometimes to cut up some basic vocals or something.. Whether you plan to clean up individual audio tracks or record and mix a song, Recycle is relatively intuitive and easy to use.


The program is pretty small, meaning that it runs pretty efficiently on a variety of computers. I've only had it crash on me a couple of times, which I suspect is more due to Windows problems than that with this software. I run it on a Pentium 3 with Windows XP Service Pack 2. I am easily able to record on 8 tracks at a time with my M-Audio Delta 1010 LT sound card. But for the most part you will have no issues getting it running. it’s a pretty basic program that poses no problems at all. A lot of people have used it with many different computers and have no issues.


I now prefer to record with a real mixer with actual knobs, rather than "virtually." (most all programs can mix with a virtual mixer but it never feels like a real one to me) If I were in the business of recording and mixing bands, I likely would use this software or Pro Tools or some other DAW mixing program as it would be very easy to make subtle changes to the mixes, as they would be saved on hard drive. But, since I'm recording for myself, I work how I prefer to, which is mixing by hand. If I were employed by a band, or were in the habit of doing so, Recycle would be invaluable to me in order to make the minute changes to make the recording artist happy, whereas with how I work now I would have to likely start the mix all over again. Instead, I don't have the time or energy to focus hours and hours on a single song, so mixing by hand gets it done for me and keeps me happy. But, I would have no real qualms about mixing with CEP, and have done so in the past.

Pictocube's review"Mandatory"

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
No installation problems.
Easy configuration.
No incompatibilities.
I never read the user's manual.


I use it mainly on a powerful Imac, I haven't noticed any limitations... Be it with my Quatafire 610 or, nowadays, my MOTU Audio Express. Very stable software, except for some impossibilities or surprises with somewhat long samples.


I've used it since it came out, I think. It has practically not evolved, except for its nicer-looking design.
It's value for money is not very good, let's just say that given the price of Reason and that this accessory is (almost) indispensable for it, Propellerhead could include it with Reason.

mooseherman's review

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
Were there any compatibility issues?
There weren't any compatibility issues when I was installing ReCycle. 

Is the general configuration/setup simple?
The setup of ReCycle is confusing at first but it is easier if you understand waveforms and can identify where each beat is in the loop you are working with. 

Is the manual clear and sufficient?...
The manual gets pretty hairy at times, it's easier to have somebody teach you how to use it. Fortunately that's how I learned how to use it. 

Are the typical functions easily accessible?
The basic functions of ReCycle are pretty easy to access. There isn't a lot of backtracking and changing settings involved with using the program. 


Does the software work correctly in this configuration?
The software is designed to isolate each element in a drum loop. If a drum loop is put into ReCycle, the program isolates each note and allows you to set the tempo to a BPM of your choice. These loops can then be used in programs like Logic and Reason. 

What performance are you getting? (if quantifiable)
Overall, the program itself identifies 90% of the notes played in each loop. It is up to the user to isolate each note from there. It actually can get pretty tricky if you are dealing with a complex loop, but overall, it's not too difficult. It allows you to work with an astonishing number of samples and loops that would be difficult, if not impossible, to work with otherwise. 

Is this configuration (software and gear) stable?...
There's isn't a whole lot of gear necessary to run this program, so the configuration doesn't really provide any issues that need to be dealt with. 

For how long have you been using it?
I've used this program for about six months. After a few days I was really good at doing loops, which was helpful. 


What thing do you like most/least about it?
I feel as though I would use this program more than I do. Considering I prefer to record live instruments, and I'm more of a ProTools guy anyway, this isn't really as helpful as I would have hoped. That being said, if processing drum loops and using them for your own compositions is your thing, this is a pretty great program. You'd probably having a difficult time without this or a similar program. 

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I did not try any other models; the studio I work at purchased this. 

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
I think most software is overpriced, but compared to most audio programs this one isn't too bad. 

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?...
I personally wouldn't unless I needed to use Logic and drum loops more. Currently I have no use for it. That being said, it's still a great program.

Precision and quality of the sound?
The software is pretty great in terms of sound quality. It doesn't degrade the sound of the loop at all, which I've had problems with when trying to use other methods of slowing down drum loops. It also can get very detailed with the intricacies of more complex loops. This is definitely what makes the software worthwhile. 

Pik1's review

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
Too simple
No need for a user's manual.


Low resource consumption, very practical to make loops and work with your rex files. The length of the samples is limited, which is a major drawback.


Pros: Simplicity, size, CPU consumption
Cons: Too expensive for what it is (like all audio editors, I'd say ;...), limited sample length.