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  • Behringer XControl Editor for X32

    Behringer XControl Editor for X32 - "playboy sound"


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  • Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2

    Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2 - "Review of Recycle 2.2"


    Recycle is a program that let's you import audio files and chop them into individual sections so that they can then be imported into sequencers and samplers that use the Rex file format. Recycle is a simple piece of software that does a small job. Ho…

  • Audacity Audacity 2

    Audacity Audacity 2 - "A must-have for beginners"


    It couldn't be easier to install: You can download it from multiple "official" sites, click on it and that's it! The overall configuration is quite simple, although maybe a bit complicated for beginners ("what's a VSTi?," "you know Asio4all?"....) …

  • Audacity Audacity 1

    Audacity Audacity 1 - "If it's free, it's for me!"


    Hassle-free installation on all sorts of computers (even old junk supports the software), it's easy to set up for any mortal without being a computer expert! It's really practical in standalone mode (on a usb key, for instance)! PERFORMANCE …

  • Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements

    Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements - "Restore some of the old audio with the Sonnox bundle"


    WaveLab Elements 7 is perfect software for home recording. It is made by Steinberg and has been out for years now. It supports many audio types and has 3d spectrum analysis. There are all of the tools that you need to edit Wavs and other audio files…

  • Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

    Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 - "Perfect for a first time home musician"


    Sony Sound Forge Studio 10 is a program that can handle anything that all of the popular DAW’s can handle. It is actually a lot easier to use than many other DAW programs that are on the market but the only problem is that it is not as in depth as so…

  • Celemony Melodyne Essential

    Celemony Melodyne Essential - "It does have its limits"


    Celemony Melodyne Essential is an affordable plug in that can work with your Windows and your Mac systems, it is good to work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and you can use it as a VST plug in for whichever DAW or workstation program you choose. The m…

  • Steinberg WaveLab 7

    Steinberg WaveLab 7 - "You need a good soundcard"


    Steinberg Wavelab 7 is compatible with Mac and Pc. It is a mastering software that has everything you need and unlike other mastering tools, WaveLab 7 is truly its on program, you use it as a stand alone and you can do all your mastering and then bur…

  • BIAS Peak Express 6

    BIAS Peak Express 6 - "must get this for your recordings"


    Peak Express 6 will turn your recordings into great sounding recordings. I was very surprised by how small of a program that this is, but yet it is still so powerful and has become a must have for my recording over the last year. I have really start…

  • Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x

    Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x - "cool edit never let me down"


    Cool Edit Pro 2 was one of the first audio recording programs that where computer based that I started using I think back in 2001 or so. I must say that this program was cutting edge not just for me at the time but for anyone who wanted to get into r…