Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements
Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements

WaveLab 7 Elements, Digital Audio Editor from Steinberg in the Wavelab series.

michelb655 02/22/2013

Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements : michelb655's user review

«  Do not buy »

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Almost impossible to reactivate if you change the computer.
See my personal experience below.


The only advantage over Wavelab Audacity is that its interface is more aesthetic.
Which costs 99 € Audacity is free!


In 2010 I bought Steinberg Wavelab Essential 6 on online shop.
End of 2012 I need to replace my pc. I reinstall the product on my new computer: activation refused. Software e-Licenser control licenses not refuse to assign a new activation key. Mail Steinberg to expose my problem: no response
a month later despite several reminders.
As I am on the list of clients I get Steinberg February 14, 2013 a promotional offer, valid for one day, to purchase the downloadable version of Wavelab Element 7-50 € or 50% discount.
To replace my Wavelab 6, passed in profit and loss, I order and immediately get an activation key for the trial version ... but no link to download the product. I looked everywhere on the site Steinberg and discovers that for the trial must first buy, I say buy the right to download!
Furious I immediately sent an email to cancel my order and demand immediate repayment.
A week later I still have that message automatically and saying "you will reply to your request within 24-48 hours."
The email address of "customer service" is false (returned undelivered email to sender), the German phone number service support is a wrong number, the number of French support for Steinberg Cubase is an autoresponder.
Here Steinberg.
Without comment.