Sony Sound Forge 9
Sony Sound Forge 9

Sound Forge 9, Digital Audio Editor from Sony in the Sound Forge series.

All user reviews for the Sony Sound Forge 9

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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AlexisL's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super soft mounting / editing / mastering"

Sony Sound Forge 9
No particular problem, it's a soft pretty stable on xp pro as seven.


My config: Laptop lenovo T61 (core2duo 4 GB RAM, w7), RME Multiface card.
Config stable and powerful.


I use SoundForge since version 4.5, and I always liked the interface of SoundForge, we rediscovered on all softs of SonicFoundry (Acid, Vegas, SoundForge ..) Sony Creative Software since then.
I also used Audacity, Goldwave, Wavelab, but I stayed on soundforge for its stability and its ergonomic (Classic Menus and shortcuts fully customizable mini-icon).
This app is relatively expensive (in the pro version ..), but take care of all formats, can export in any format, can retrieve digital files stripped thanks to import RAW, multichannel operation allows edit and master of mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1 ....
Contrary to previous opinion, the visually levels is very efficient (see FS meter, TruePeak, RMS, fully customizable, phase and phase scope meter), and the spectrum analyzer is present! It works in real time on the physical inputs such as audio output for those who can read the user manual.
I was bundled with Izotope mastering quality (multiband limiter, EQ ...)
Only regret: the internal effects are not all super-famous at the same time ... it's really a soft mount / master, so for me the reverb built has little interest. However, the parametric equalizer is quite handy, visual.

The audio restoration tools are handy, you can remove a click manually with the pen by drawing directly on the waveform! We can automate this task with an anti click, a noise filter analyzer is also available, we analyze a zone of silence noisy and this noise can be removed from the rest of the audio. It's magic .. but do not abuse the artifacts are quickly hear otherwise!

The script functions, batch, can automatically process files with pre-set presets, then save / convert the chosen format.

One can of course also import audio CDs, and burn / prepare a cake with CD Architect, respecting the Redbook.

For me, an ultra soft full, which perfectly complements Ableton Live, and allows me to make multitrack recordings / mixes to final processing.

ulys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony Sound Forge 9
Install: Ok
Win xp pro on pentium dual core
2GB ram

Manual: English
En translators are too expensive for Sony?


2 years and Sound Forge Goldwave
I work in audio visual
now more often with Goldwave, High pass filters with low pass
progressive means, but very useful
but maybe the reviews are from previous trading at Sony?

-The multiband compressor:
But for the price of the app, I can buy a real rack here in Asia)
The price-Audio formats supported for conversion are practical
The multi-

Useless: the video window in its most resource consuming for nothing
the best would have been to a real bar graphs instead
and the video window in addition (as in cubase)!


Value for money 1 of 10
Sony makes cameras and micro zoom pro, Dat top top top
but for the apps there is still some way to go ....

Areas for improvement in my work:
I do not find that any sound forge has evolved taking into account the realities / needs of mastering and current standardization;, so it is normally sold without hiding! the program gets heavier unnecessary and would add that the models and preset cuts are limited to 3 or 4 times the same effect of 0
It's the same app as other versions were just the prettiest icons still in the top menu pesky little practice! still no simple floating palette
frankly my friends, I look better

reverb? alas is still not great at all either and
I do not use sound forge for multiband compression
everything else can be done faster and better on goldwave because I see curves Live bargraph
For the time stretching? I use cubase directly supplied with the lexicon omega
the multi-ditto!

No "bar graph" or spectrometer except stereograms but not in real time, a pittance in 2010 as its competitor ago goldwave since 1996! ,
Yet when necessary as well ears
tired and must be based on the imperatives for supporting end-tapping
and raises expectations of the client!

Nor mini icons, menus that school ...
Keyboard shortcuts are often dangerous, ways to make c. .. ies irreversible without even perceiving it! (Control + S for example!)
not surround either

Processor dynamic "wave hammer" factory distortion to really pay attention
because on the big Listen, it hell, tapping on his little son yes
The denoiser or repair tape, no

by the acquisition by Sony's software as unilever laundry facility redeemed us Suchard and Côte d'Or ... (I no longer buy from that) ...
... Versions succeed and bring little new to the real improvement in self treatment
i like to buy an app without having to buy plug-ins or patches behind
(Meaning that the software is incomplete and not finished in my opinion.)

What I'm waiting for later:
- A real beefy noise gate, now it is only because he must be there!
- A graphic EQ isolator and frequency too high and phases!
Libraries of presets and multiband compression provided: his radio, TV sound
Several models of dtmf, automix talk over convincing, filters and more beefy with various control curves
- A choice of bar graph or spectrogram in real time (see goldwave)
- The most useful tools in mini icons symbol on a pallet
- A true optimization improved sound and spatiality (not terrible now)
- A function parallel compression (wave wav + copy of this treaty with eq adjustable compression rate of 2 and listen at the same time) with pre-listening and saves the new file mp3 or wav
- All effects, filters or phase curve graphic

That would be great!
not being at all a fan of plug-in, craft gallery has not always reinstall
stable, and consumes a max of resources of a second program open (plug)!
If anyone has any other info on over the soft full?