Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-M
Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-M

Powerplay 16 P16-M, Digital Mixer from Behringer in the Powerplay series.


Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-M : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Digital mixer 16 stereo channels
16 presets and mixing function Total Recall
D / A converter 24 bit
16 buttons to select the channel with two LED
Level settings and pan / spread for each channel with level control LED
3-band EQ on each channel with semi-parametric mid
Mute and Solo functions on each channel
Level adjustment and global EQ + Panic Mute function
Headphone output
Adjustable limiter for hearing protection
Mono line / additional stereo to set its own return
MIDI In order for remote channels in real time with a MIDI controller (BCF2000 or BCR2000 for example)
Standard CAT5e Connectors
ULTRANET connector to link up to 48 P16-M P16-D Distributors
Announced latency less than one millisecond
External power adapter or P16-I / P16-D


Plug and play!
This implies we must P16i, ADAT converter - RJ45. PoE, adjustable gain for each channel (-10, 0, +4, +22 dB), 6x RJ45 outputs for up to 6x PM M-16 Personal Mixer.
After the linker can p16m via RJ45-thru, but it needs 6v power supply (supplied) by p16-m further.


Up to 48kHz ADAT, we go beyond analog.
Integrated (eq limit) effects do their job, it's not Pulteq we do agree ...
The dynamics are respected, the sound is not distorted.
A slight hiss is noticeable, but it is light and fast cover.


I use it for more than 6 months in professional studio, then it's mostly musicians who use it, I have one in authority to control what they receive. They are very satisfied. For me it's simple: I send to 0db or bus, they mix them!
It is intuitive and relatively simple.
In utlisation:
Limited to 48kHz digital, if the sampling is higher, you can enter in analog, it is seen.
Overall view, there is no indication that a track is muted. A small LED would be welcome.
Per track, mute is indicated by the absence of red LED around the volume knob (there it is)
0 latency is nickel
For the rest it is a very good value for money.
The surface is robust, the knob, it will be seen in 5 years ... but for now, RAS
I am very satisfied.