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Studiomaster Digital Mixers news

  • [Musikmesse] Studiomaster DigiLIVE 16

    [Musikmesse] Studiomaster DigiLIVE 16

    03/26/15 in Studiomaster digiLiVE 16 Hybrid

    Studiomaster will introduce at Musikmesse in Frankfurt next month a new generation of DigiLIVE hybrid digital consoles with wireless remote control.

  • Soundking to Launch new European Subsidiary

    Soundking to Launch new European Subsidiary

    03/13/11 in Studiomaster DigiLive 24

    During Studiomaster’s new product press presentation on the opening day of the Prolight+Sound/MusikMesse exhibition, Soundking Group Europe will be revealing details of its newly formed digital audio R&D facility, Somix Audio Labs GmbH.

  • Studiomaster Digilive 16

    Studiomaster Digilive 16

    02/15/11 in Studiomaster Digilive 16

    Studiomaster is launching new products at this year’s Prolight+Sound/MusikMesse exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, including the Digilive 16 live digital mixer.