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Studiomaster news

  • [Musikmesse] Studiomaster Drive loudspeakers

    [Musikmesse] Studiomaster Drive loudspeakers

    04/18/15 in Studiomaster Drive 6A

    Studiomaster introduces at Musikmesse a new series of portable loudspeakers, called Drive and featuring two active and passive models.

  • [Musikmesse] Studiomaster DigiLIVE 16

    [Musikmesse] Studiomaster DigiLIVE 16

    03/26/15 in Studiomaster digiLiVE 16 Hybrid

    Studiomaster will introduce at Musikmesse in Frankfurt next month a new generation of DigiLIVE hybrid digital consoles with wireless remote control.

  • Studiomaster combines Speakers and Lightning

    Studiomaster combines Speakers and Lightning

    02/07/13 in Studiomaster Starlight 15

    Studiomaster unveiled the new Starlight loudspeakers equipped with a lightning system.

  • [Musikmesse] Studiomaster MDX Series

    [Musikmesse] Studiomaster MDX Series

    03/24/12 in Studiomaster MDX24

    The company launches the new MDX Series of analog mixers, designed to supersede the MCX Series.

  • [NAMM] INV to Distribute Studiomaster, Carlsbro

    [NAMM] INV to Distribute Studiomaster, Carlsbro

    02/03/12 in Studiomaster

    INV is now the distributor for Studiomaster and Carlsbro across 28 countries in mainland Europe, following an agreement signed at the NAMM show.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster XPX Launched

    [NAMM] Studiomaster XPX Launched

    01/21/12 in Studiomaster XPX12

    Studiomaster launches a new PA series in both active and passive variants.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image Panels

    [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image Panels

    01/19/12 in Studiomaster Acoustic Image6

    The Acoustic Image4 and Acoustic Image6 (passive) and Acoustic Image4A and Acoustic Image6A (active) exploit NXT technology developments.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster TRX PA Series

    [NAMM] Studiomaster TRX PA Series

    01/19/12 in Studiomaster TRX15

    Studiomaster is refreshing itsPA product line up with the new TRX Series, which supersedes the LX Series.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image6 / Image6A

    [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image6 / Image6A

    11/26/11 in Studiomaster Acoustic Image6

    Studiomaster and Carlsbro are launching new product lines at this years NAMM exhibition in Anaheim.

  • Studiomaster XPX Series

    Studiomaster XPX Series

    11/08/11 in Studiomaster XPX12

    At the recently held Music China event, Studiomaster showed for the first time, ahead of an official launch at NAMM next year, the Studiomaster XPX Series portable moulded PA cabinet.