Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 22 reviews )
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stompboxjon's review"worth it!"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
You should choose your digital recorder wisely because now it seems like the market is just getting over populated with them. The price of this one was a little more than I was ready to pay but after reading some reviews on it and messing around with it , I knew that I had to go and get my own. It did take me almost a year before I could get my own though and since I have got it I use it almost every single day with a question. But not that the price was really that high, I just didn’t know that these type of digital recorders where going for that much so it was a little of a shock to me. Maybe because its just a good one from Boss and most of the other ones I looked at where very cheap. I am happy with my purchase. Buy it.


The manual was definitely needed and I needed it for a while. Not that I couldn’t figure everything out on my own I just didn’t want to because I was too excited and didn’t want to wait to figure it all out. The manual was easy to use and navigate through, it was very clear and concise.


Sounds are a really good quality and it was exactly what I was looking for.


You should choose your digital recorder wisely because now it seems like the market is just getting over populated with them. The price of this one was a little more than I was ready to pay but after reading some reviews on it and messing around with it , I knew that I had to go and get my own. It did take me almost a year before I could get my own though and since I have got it I use it almost every single day with a question. But not that the price was really that high, I just didn’t know that these type of digital recorders where going for that much so it was a little of a shock to me. Maybe because its just a good one from Boss and most of the other ones I looked at where very cheap. I am happy with my purchase. Buy it.

Aymerica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very nice as tools"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
it is a 4-track capable of playing 8 (ie only 4 recordable tracks).
The connection is not bad, damage qd mm not to be able to plug 2 guitars without adding DI.


The use is relatively simple but passage through the manual box was indispensable.
I had until now never tested multi tracks and there are fast on his way.
there are still qq features I have not yet found (just to start the battery after 4 or 8 bars)


The effects are quite impressive. For a "domestic" use like mine, we get to do many things. Then I think that we should not wait for it so the mm thing that a good tube amp.


I have not tested many models for the simple reason that I have not found anything really comparable (price / functionality / integration).
It is very unfortunate that the apps are not offered rested on Mac

Ninspade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Surprisingly good"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
4 XLR or jack inputs one of which (only) provides phantom power. A jack for foot switch or expression pedal that serves me well my faith. Recording on SD card up to 32GB seems to me. There is a box built but hardly editable pace. The proposed grooves are not bad. Headphone jack. USB plug for dialogue with the computer.


The manual I was indispensable. I find easy to use as soon as you accept the presets as they come. I have already said, but editing grooves through the suitable software is simple but VERY off-putting, no editing tool worthy of the name!
Backup pieces on the computer is VERY slow on my PC. You have to be very patient.


The sounds are transcribed and the equalizer which I have used extensively, is simple and effective. I also use the built-in reverb and scenic. That's pretty much it.


I use it for about 3 years. I use it often as notebook or recording models. Excellent value for money in my opinion. Main pbs: BAR and backup pieces on the computer.
An example is always more effective than words follow the link below:

these pieces were exclusively recorded, mixed and mastered with the BR-800.
Make your opinion.
Recorded instruments: guitars, bass, live keyboard. Xylophone, glockenspiel, vocals, acoustic guitar, cajon, congas, doumbek through microphones.

Tacsy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
I only just bought it so I do not yet control bien.Je back and fill me correct myself later.
The BR-800 is a marvel very accessible, less than 400 euros.
Comes with the computer program is much more interesting than the table itself, and has 64 virtual tracks with choice selections effects for each track. But the effects sound more synthetic than before.
The pre paterns have a real problem with flexibility, feelling.


The manual is not enough, both on paper and computer.




I used for about a month on the date of 09.11.2014

ENG152's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A beautiful misfires!"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
I purchased the BR-800 after selling my BOSS Micro BR, small Swiss knife guitarist who made me well but I found the service a bit limited with 4 tracks.

The BR 800 is in the form of a much larger portable studio, its vocation is to be taken throughout history to play the guitar and save his little model that goes well. Is it succeeds? Let's see it ...

1) Description and connectors:

Perceived quality is average gear is lightweight and does not seem solid. The finish is still good holding and plastics are not at all cheap ...

Right side: USB A socket, ON / OFF / USB switch, a jack for AC adapter (the machine can run on 6 LR6 batteries which is good) Note: USB power possible! We also find the cache to SD card that has a Phillips screw ... It accepts cards up to 32 GB

Rear: 4 Input Jack, 4 XLR inputs with phantom, Two RCA (left and right), a line in (small stereo jack), a footswitch input.

Front: A headphone jack (big jack Stereo), a guitar / bass jack (big jack Mono)

On the top two microphones for stereo surround taking, controls in the form of four sliders for 4 mono tracks, 2 sliders to 2 stereo tracks (5 6) and (7 +8), 1 slider for box integrated PACE and 1 for Master volume slider. There are more knobs for logging level 4 tracks and one for the general entry level. The LCD is confused, the other functions are activated by "sensitive" buttons that are vaguely reminiscent of the interface of a smartphone. I preferred real buttons that you can not blame them for any problems responsiveness. There is also a large knob that allows you to change settings displayed on the screen. A word about the "operating system" that BOSS wanted instinctive and readable. Overall it's ok but nothing more.

BR 800 should be considered as a notepad, especially not as a device for recording drinking model. Its ergonomics are so downright unacceptable and you lose a lot of time over the track editing via software. Note that many editing functions are not available in some or absent from the machine modes ... I think just to copy / paste a portion of a track ... Annoying!

The device has several modes including:

a) EZ-REC (easy rec): the simplified recording studio up selecting his style of music ("Rock" for example, but also "Metal", "Pop", "Ballad" I could go on ... ) and the gear selected the guitar sound that sounds "Rock" and the rhythm that corresponds (in this case ... well uh "Rock"). Here it is ... You I do not know but I saw it myself so it's smart!

;-) Hehe!

b) Sketch Song: Lets take a quick well done notepad in Wave history remember this killer riff. Then to go to pick up the machine, it is the cross banner ...

c) the normal mode (which has no name): this is one you will use if you want to try to record a demo ...


The manual (in French and delivered with the paper ... yes!) is very well done, I find it totally necessary because it is through him we learn that many of the things that were thought to do with the machine will be either very complicated or impossible. His reading was a revelation to me but a fucking cold shower ...

2) Limitations:

We can fix / sequencing paterns battery and there is a nightmare: it's downright painful. Importing Paterns USB is possible via the supplied software. It is ugly and complicated. The machine does not remember imported once off loops including with batteries ... all over again ...

You can not create rhythms without using a computer which is sad for a studio all in one!

Exporting songs and tracks is not really easy either: the other bundled software is a gas plant that works or not depending on his mood ... I said that I use a MAC ... if it is on PC it's great.

The use of BR as a surface control software with computer music is quite convincing: why not after all.

Concerning reproduction imported from outside (eg MP3 to play on) tracks, well ... BR 800 does not accept that the Wav, 16-bit 44.1 kHz AAC ... so , AC3 or MP3 sorry ... which is a shame becaufe my BR 800 did and it was convenient for work pieces.


3) Sound quality

The internal effects processor offers effects (bass / guitar / vocals) and modeled sounds "COSM".

Moving quickly on the classic effects such as reverb or chorus that deserves to exist and concentrate on modeling. Respect for the instrument is non-existent and use with external effects (eg a good old cry baby) produces comic results. Say that it can help. Now, who has ever heard a tube amp may have a nervous laugh listening to it ... The saturations are numerous, there are plenty of pedals that emulated my RAT dear ... There's also the Sreamer Ibanez Tube! and then MT2 "Metal Zone" ... just as pathetic. I said that does not know the famous GT10, head sounds BR-800 ... Anyway, my ears do not really like the sound that comes out of this beast there. Perhaps they should have just put one or two credible and basta sounds?? Simulation is low in practice revenge! Simulation of acoustic guitar is a gimmick.

Outside sounds recorded online are rough, it is not just the recording level but the Analog-Digital conversion ...
Outside sounds recorded by the two built-in mics are just okay.

the drum loops ranging from good to poor. Their sound quality is a notch below the Micro BR which is incomprehensible when we know that some are almost the same. I note the absence of ternary rhythm which is simply delusional.


Here it is: the BR-800 is not a pro tool, or even semi-pro: it is rather a big toy designed for the guy who thinks he will record his solo album ... I'm curious see how many models were actually recorded on this machine. That does not diminish the quality of the previous recording studios "all in one" BOSS.

This review will probably appear a bit hard. however, it is up to my disappointment. BOSS had the opportunity to Provide semi pros practical tool for:
1) produce models at lower cost
2) Play and record everywhere (bus tour / holidays)

In the end, with its ergonomics of another age and the loss of key functions of the micro BR we are left with a queen size unit not really transportable, deprived of many interesting functions (no MP3 payback (!) With speed change ), proper recording just quality, Analog / Digital conversion poor, lack of essential editing functions ... and especially the inability to move a computer that is a damn shame for such Product: A botched in order!

I've only used four months to get rid of, tired of his feeble ergonomics and limitations which had become unbearable for me ... I said that I spent a lot of time studying the manual and depths in the hope of finding the missing features ... who were not there. I do not regret it at all ...

I would advise a micro BR which is a lot more but only 4 tracks ... I do not know the BR-80 ...

joachim37d's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My great love"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
4-track simultaneous recording / 8 simultaneous playback tracks.
COSM guitar and electric bass from the
BOSS GT-10/10B.
• Effects of pitch correction for vocals or
realistic simulation of acoustic guitar.
• Mastering Effects accessible at all times and
effects loop with send / return: all these
effects make the BR-800 a full-fledged studio, offering
everything you need to produce pieces
high quality.
Many impressive rhythmic patterns
Connection via USB
Internal stereo microphones
Three power options


No manual in French sold: (But it remains available in pdf on the internet.
At first I panicked at the complexity of editing effects and sounds but you get used quickly. The potential of the machine is awesome: O


The effects are simply gorgeous * __ *


I use it for 2 and a half months and I am more than satisfied!
Going on a weekend with your parents? Take your multitrack, headphone, your guitar and voila! The effects can be customized to your liking and you can create your rhythmic arrangements. Bought new cd is included, featuring a Wave converter, rhythmic editing software Sonar and the software for professional who is still indecipherable to my meager knowledge of computer music.
I'm just disappointed by the absence of loop quantize boss that allows you to create perfect curls ...

But feel the value for money is worth it :)

alpinestar45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
The BR-800 is an ideal tool for both production of complex songs for recording the flight of ideas or his interest. Beginners can use the "EZ Recording mode" and be guided throughout recording. The "Retry" function automatically returns to the beginning of the last recording to start recording while "Song Sketch" feature lets you record a simple push of a button. To this is added a stereo condenser microphone and a function of rhythm with the same quality as the DR-880 drum parts and percussion.
Professional effects

The BR-800 contains all the effects you need for serious musical productions. Most of the effects are derived from BOSS effects processors as popular as the VE-20 (Effects for voice), the GT-10 series (COSM amp models for guitar and bass effects more) or AP-1 (processor to improve the sound of an unregistered by a micro simulating the rich sound of the body of the guitar acoustic guitar). Never a small recorder has proposed processors such power!
Taken on the spot

The BR-800 can be powered by AC adapter or 6 AA batteries, allowing you to save anywhere. The BR-800 is equipped with a stereo microphone, it allows you to save drafts of song ("Song Sketch") with an acoustic guitar and voice, for example.
Additional possibilities via USB

The BR-800 has a USB port allowing you to connect to a computer. If you connect the BR-800 to a computer, it can serve as a USB audio interface for recordings that utilize the internal effects. In addition, the BR-800 can serve as a control surface for your station software digital audio workstation.


The configuration is not easy for a novice, many parameters must be taken into account, many sub menus are available.
The multitrack has many effects guitar / vocals / bass, an all-in-one is a good asset for those who often move. The effects are usable, however the settings is quite complicated and the result is not necessarily in the appointment.


Converters are good for the price, do not ask too much either.
Indeed, taking voice sounds are good enough for the guitar after all this will also depend on the effects that it brings. Finally, for the low, low frequencies are a bit messy.

The effects are so good quality Boss but pretty basic. I strongly advice to a multi-quality effects upstream (other than personal Boss).


I got 3 months, I amused myself with a little but I quickly dropped to highlight a sound card that is better.
Issue price / quality ratio, I would say it is a good compromise for those who have a small budget and wants to have fun making small models.

If you have the budget, do yourself a favor (especially in this occasion is relatively not excessive). However, if you have the means, go your way.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I'm fine but good"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
First, I have a report with leisure music which ultimately is more fitting with the purchase of this BR800 in fact.

Specifications are on site boss, but for my use this device is technically sufficient: I record at home alone with two input (XLR and jack guitar / bass etc..) Knowing that there xlr 3 more.

The preamp deserves more potato but nothing insurmountable.

It feeds itself via USB, handy.

A warning message tells us that ASIO is not supported by the hardware (when you open sonar), which is false to use, so zero latency.


I took it in the first place for his side stand alone, but it made me quickly inflated. Then my sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) to render the soul ... I opened the box says to see what I could learn rather than reinvest.

Today I used external sound card and I'm pretty happy in this config this machine is very easy to use, coupled with THE integrated sonar 8.5 box is at my level, rather qualitative . A tutorial or two on the internet for the sequencer and go.

So just average as stand alone I would put 2 (motivated people and / or smarter and patients probably use every day without any problems, my share of feignantise therefore gives 2 points) and 8 external sound card because everything works fine as well and easily.


The overall sound is better in all uses with my old sound card that she was not really a card dedicated to music. Now I have not tested other serious stuff: no element of comparison I would say that for me.


I actually use it for less than a year in fact and default to the base. But what is good about a classical sound card (from what I've seen on the internet for half the price) is that it is full of effects for all parties whatsoever vocals, guitars , bass, mix, batteries etc., all configurable. So we can all take with without too much cabbage.

This is an all in one, easy to use (except in stand alone), taking up little space, perfect for my NanoStudio in my apartment and relatively cheaply (because the effects parts dedicated to each invoice can quickly mount).

Now black spot that won me the purchase of additional software, the box incredibly boring to program for a really average score rhythm.

I probably would do this choice because today it rolls a lot. To hear the concrete, go to the collective component section 31 season, the song I did with Gratt'oche was entirely via this config since he even has a (more so superior drummer 2.0 which literally smashes the BAR moldy of origin).

I put 9 because the final results I get have never been so good today and I'm a very heavy handicap!

zikman57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cool working at home"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Usb port
Battery or AC power
Support SD Card


Config simpe use
Proper french Manuel
loops in many Latin pop rock heavy blues ect




I use it for 3 months
the best in its class for its size
Me, I pluggué my monitor speakers on the entry phone
Price 280 € new seems a little excessive, but there are very good opportunities not expensive ....

Vosraider's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Compact and efficient"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Characteristics are easily found on the website of Boss.


-The general configuration is fairly intuitive, you can easily reach to its brands, it is best to understand how to tweak.

- The manual is in English but downloadable pdf on the site boss, it is complete enough.

- It takes a little time to adapt but then it is very easy to change presets, editing is very thorough.


The sounds are good, as always with boss right after do not expect to have a record studio, it is not the goal, to make models alone or in a group is the top.
It is regrettable that the dynamics is not always respected by the sound good but nothing serious, the effects are really convincing.


I use it for three months and I do not separate well, this is my first digital recorder. I love the sound, ease of use and editing very thorough, I do not like by against the clock generator (too complicated to program), 8 or more 6 tracks (because the last two are stereo) are a bit limited if you want to make songs a bit complicated but nothing insurmountable.
The value for money and very decent possibility given the number, with the experience I probably do it again this choice, it exceeds (by far) all its competitors in this category.