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All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8 HD

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 3 reviews27 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money:Excellent
MGR/Daryl Rapp09/14/2005

MGR/Daryl Rapp's review"Fostex MR8HD 8-Track Digital Recorder"

Fostex MR-8 HD
I've been playing guitar, bass, keys and harmonica for probably 20 odd years and have been writing songs and lyrics for just as long. I think there are two types of players, ones that can sit down and play a lick from every song you've ever heard of - and the other crowd with whom I associate - the song writers. Nothing impresses me more than someone who can compose, arrange and perform their own brand of music.

Paid $400 online for this unit. I was looking for something portable to take up in the mountains to camp with me when I go on one of my songwriting weekends. I wanted something with a decent sized hard drive (this unit has a 40GB drive), but didn't need a built in CD burner as I do most of my final mixdown and mastering on my PC at home.

The recording quality is very good for a unit in this price range. The Fostex MR8HD provides a USB and S/PDIF port so it's very easy to digitally master or transfer files between this unit and your PC. The twin headphones out are helpful, especially when working with someone in tandem.

The guitar amp and microphone simulations are basically an afterthought. In no way do they compete with the COSM simulations from Boss or the work that Line 6 has done with the POD series.

First rate. I've always admired Fostex's quality and attention to detail and I am impressed with this unit.

Overall, for 400 bucks it's a decent unit with just the right amount of functionality for me. I can't complain.

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Samy44L's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
Nothing to add!


This must be one of the simplest integrated DTD to use.
The usual functions are easily accessible.

But if you want to use the installation options, built-in punch, etc. ... is much more complicated, although the manual is very educational.

I do that is to record classical music, never re-recording. I mix my tracks 1-2-3-4 to 7 / 8 and later transfer via USB to the computer. In combination with a Yamaha GF12/12 which has 4 sub groups, a configuration that is simple to use and very flexible. The main work is to correctly position the microphones and the musicians play well, but this material can not be helped!

For a band with drums, several guitars ... this must not be obvious to work with: not enough tracks, especially admissions. For the "song writer" working alone with guitar or piano and voice, that's fine: no-brainer with the hardware, you can concentrate on music.


The converters should be pretty good (no other experience).
The preamps do not have a huge dynamic range, and this is the most negative of this unit. As I use a console quality in addition, it does not bother me at all.


A very good machine for those who want a simple device to use.
Seems a bit tight for a group, but fine for a single person or a duo.

The - it's the preamp and limitations inputs and tracks.

The quality / price is very good. When I bought it, there was a Tascam in competition that was only 2 XLR ...

Now, I would take a "real" 8 ways that could record 8 simultaneous tracks.

zephson's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
Simultaneous 4-track recorder, XLR +48 v common or jack, track A with amp and effect or micro insert.
3.5 "HDD 40GB Maxtor for about 99h to divide by the number of recorded tracks.
The 4 24-bit 44.1 kHz encodings stored in 16-bit 4-track mono and 2 stereo tracks operable but in the same order as the inputs A, B, C, D.
Tracks stored on portable computer via USB and program WavManager to download.
No correction associated with 4 tracks.
Effects on reading the tracks at the bounce.
Sync to MIDI device.


Downloadable leaflet in French.
Using fairly simple after reading the general description and the tracks are assigned to input channels. The backlit buttons allow you to easily spot. Live with this type of recorder (and more) found the simplicity and safety of the tape without worrying about computer synchonisation and configure.
TRIM preamp minimum sensitivity is +4 dBu to-12dB relative to full scale DAC 24 bits (internal preamp in this case 14dB gain). This is the configuration I use with preamp (equivalent input noise environment 128dBu)
The hard drive noise is low but audible.
Gates A, B, C, D must be used in order to be assigned to tracks 1-8, keeping the order from A to D.


I find it transparent and dynamic of 90dB seems to me fulfilled.
The reverb and delay are configurable effective.


I use it for over 2 years mainly in live classical music.
Construction, especially electronics, and quality is quite remarkable for the price.
In this budget range is a choice that I do not regret it.

fabemol's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
J have kept mine 6 weeks, I have been deu find no correction of tonality, the more I realized (after 6 weeks, it's true) that we caught with microphones as the sound rotation of the hard drive, and that it s al recording means. So I think n is not very positive. if you need to use microphones to pick up acoustic guitars, you must either: place a cot in the room and exit the extension arm. either: ask your "dear friend and assistant manager groupie sponsor" of the ingenious play. This is still a misinterpretation of the phylosophy of this unit.


Everything has been said, see above


Blah blah


Not very bright, considering the price it says ....

nicobatteur's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
- 4 line inputs XLR / jack which can accommodate a guitar Premire Live
- Recording uncompressed CD quality (16 bit / 44.1 KHz)
- Hard Drive 40 GB!
- Simultaneous recording of four tracks in total 8 tracks recorder

There is a USB Host that allows you to connect an external drive to pc to burn on a cd


It is super easy to use, intuitive.
As against the manual is not provided in French you have to go the download on the website of Sennheiser France.
The simulations are somewhat incidental distortion but the analog can dpanner!
It is great to double the guitar tracks ... Just give it to beginners and renregistrer the song over.
There are also a function of prmixage: Once you record tracks mix (with faders) on 8 tracks to a new song tracks 7 / 8.




I have now for a week and I am fully satisfied.
I along with the tascam dp hsiter 01 but with the Fostex can record 4 tracks simultaneously and not two on the tascam.
I save often output table (I'm drummer!)
I'm not dcu with my purchase.
Purchased from Home Studio!

G@for3's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
See previous opinions


French manual (very badly translated ...) available at this URL:

For the rest see other opinions ....


See previous reviews ...


Regular use for 2 months, nothing to say, it saves it simpke clean.
Some odd choice, but it adapts ....

Recommend ....

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
It's nice.




This is very useful


4 tracks: it's a bit limited but I around the problem by connecting a Behringer Xenyx 2442 upstream.
Use: for 5 months

Plbino's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD


Simple and accessible functions without problems ....




Everything has been said about this unit is ok ...

on the other hand I would point out one little problem: the 4 inputs can not be assigned to all tracks 1-8, only one can be saved on any track it .... for the two should be recorded on two tracks, 3 of 3 tracks and 4 requires a 4-track recording on ... a strange choice ...
on the other hand can add effects to the first 4 tracks after recording. It is possible to obtain easily a new record Mix the first 8 tracks.
Lanes 4 & 6 & 7 and 8 are not recorded separately.

It is regrettable that the device does not come with software ... same one used to export and import the tracks on the Fostex and download on the manufacturer's website.

For users who have completely breaking the bank and that are not MIDI, it can still use Audacity or Kristal, the two can also have the VST filters ....

First choice for tight budgets to have a true four tracks (8 tracks)

fredkro's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
4 XLR inputs with phantom power supply
2 headphones
Monitor Output
4 line inputs
1 insert
A midi out
1 optical output
2 USB (host for a future and an outer connection computer
A footswitch connector

HD 40 GO

rec of 4 simultaneous tracks


Very intuitive, easy mastery that good c true that I have the habit of work on dm 24 / 02R and control pro but hey it's going to sincerely alone the manual is clear and complete that well in English.

Right now I think c is a very good product for beginner like "my very first 4-track" equa no adjustable parameter because mastering fixed .....


The good I'll be honest I m ​​used to record repeats of atmosphere with 2 mic (behringer c2) dc that s not an ultimate reference

effects are effective (nivo delay, reverb)

Powerful mastering preset is really excellent but do not agree to all rec, there must be this preset ds compressor, and maximize equa, and suddenly as the parameters do not editable st there may be a pumping effect.

Ah forgot the nick j guitar distortion effects are achi on the other hand is better to put a 57 before a marshall 15 w lol

Now j've never had a recording to repeat as good with 2 mic


I used the three weeks since maintenat

What I love most: the 40 GB HD and 4 XLR inputs with phantom power supply and record 4 simultaneous tracks
What I like least: the distortion guitars, effects can not be modified

Yes I do it again this choice, infact my md who made the soul were to buy a recorder with my chat group while between 1 to 300 md, a num magnto a 450 with 32 MB and the Fostex 4-track 40 go 455 has ben veiled there is no photo but excellent value for money

arieti's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex MR-8 HD
Precision of 16bit 44khz chantillonage non compressbr /> Storage Hard Drive 40 meg
USB port with free software on the internet to PC transfer
4 tracks recorded simultaneously


Trs intuitive.
The manual is comprehensive but only in English.
USB transfer software for simple but effective for each track.


No apparent blast

No legalization but I compensate with my sound recording on a Mackie 4 tracks and send them successfully registering. Reserved I sound processing and mixing the computer.

Lacks a little power with only 90db. This is be careful and vrifier the volumtres the notch or peak of each entry. Earnings of microphones with phantom low. Better to go through a mixer. Lack of contrast ds the screen to the menu but it is secondary.


I matris the majority of functions and accessories made of two tests for registration and
trs is satisfactory.
Very easy to use and quick to implement.

This product is suitable for those who particulirement recorded live using a mixer before and that processes samples on his computer.

Is better to make the final mix in the computer as the audio output of the device and the treatment is rudimentary.
The recording 4 tracks simultaneously allows me an outlet for his acoustic live to use two pair of microphones in Stereo, a closer for the soloist and the other moves away from the source sound instruments for accompaniment and so able to balance all APRS often because I am a musician Run.

Qualitprix trs a competitive register numrique HDD base.