Casio PX-120
Casio PX-120

PX-120, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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All user reviews for the Casio PX-120

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good digital piano"

Casio PX-120
Mechanics and texture of the keys is a very good quality, heavy keyboard more than semi approaching really a piano. 2 times the HP 8W stereo delivers sound very nice, a real piano study with rhythms, sounds and accompaniment.
A very good digital piano for a very reasonable price.

<strong>Dimensions</strong> 132.2 cm (W) x 27.8 cm (D) × 13.4 cm (H)
<strong>Weight</strong> Approximately 11.4 kg


The "big" over the keyboard IS THE DYNAMIC OF ITS KEY SEMI HEAVY.
Casio has been very hard on this keyboard, I do not know why because it must be admitted that the touch is not "constant" on various models of the Casio keyboard privia.Ce for me is identical to the keyboard range "Pattern 8" from Yamaha.


Very good sound



86877's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Casio PX-120
All is said,
I would add that aesthetics are not what they tread,
Fortunately, in concert the sound is there to catch the look of the piano ...

color beige and end table style is a total flop wood ...
design side prefers yamaha p85

-1 For aesthetics (it is the only thing that can be judged regardless of the price of the instrument)


We'll keep it simple:
face to his ancestors, the PX120 has fewer buttons, but a bit more difficult to understand the settings


The resonance system can be amazing but the highs are a little too synthetic and too serious can a fiery and indomitable for my taste (an agreement in the grave and one feels that something is fishing ...)


For that price, we'll have to have been better ...

atiroocky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Casio PX-120
See above, everything is well detailed.
For the price, it is rare to find a rich configuration.


Touch is admirable. Not too hard (as some right or clavinova pianos) or too soft. He can play the classic easily. The "Hammer scale" (keys severe acute heavier than keys) does not look bad. The piano is really compact and yet we believed to play an acoustic grand. The quality of the keys is quite good for the price. They make very little noise, which is also a good point.
The number of buttons on the console has been reduced significantly compared to the px110, giving it more sober (I think). Adjustments are made through the piano keys. It's pretty convenient, but for some functions, you better have the manual in a tablet. The latter is very clear when with him. We find easily what you search.
I have not used the midi channels. We may regret the lack of USB port.


Eleven sounds only. It's really a piano to play the "piano" (it is not really optimized for the organ or other). The piano sounds are excellent, and brightness settings for reverb and other permetttent to adjust the sound according to his tastes. other sounds such as violins are average.
In terms of speakers ... Heum ... They are a bit light (2x8W). It is a portable keyboard, so it helps out well. Intensive use sounds are a little confusing, especially when you mount the volume. However, they do not saturate (crackle, clipping). One can say thank you to the 128-voice polyphony ..
on the other hand, when you plug the piano on a real amp with speakers, the sounds give chills. It's pretty impressive, you'd really a grand piano.


It is now two months I use it extensively and it shows no sign of weakness. I'm still as much fun to practice and this, day after day.
For the price, I have not found better. Casio has really worked hard and even exceeds some yet more expensive Yamaha. For tat really otpimal, it is better to acquire the CS65 stand and pedals optional SP30 (total = € 120) and a good amp. Piano with these options and provides stunning looks very similar sensations of a real acoustic. It can be used as piano study, very convenient when not much room at home. Purists will certainly find things to complain about, but finding a piano that has made such a compact is an achievement unmatched. If it again, I will not hesitate to buy it again. I takes only 8 / 10 because I am very objective, I am not to sell my piano, but to give an opinion.

tux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Casio PX-120
Spcificits product

* Piano Keyboard 88 keys with touch sensitivity
* Mcanisme CPZ scaled hammer Mk2
* 11 AiF tones
* DSP effects qualitbr />
Technical Data

* Maximum Polyphony
128 votes
* Sounds
* Effects
Brilliance (3 to +3), Rverbration (4 effects), Chur (4 effects), acoustic Rsonance
* Mtronome
Types of output: 0,2,3,4,5,6
Rglage tempo: 20 255
* Function Duo
SETTING THE range of sound: -1 2 octaves
* Musicothque
Number of songs: 60
Song volume: Adjustable
Learning function: part on / off (L / R)
* Auto Accompaniment
20 rhythms
Rglage tempo: 20 255
Controls: on / off (START / STOP), Synchro / Insert (SYNCHRO / FILL-IN)
Daccompagnement automatic modes: NORMAL, CASIO CHORD, FINGERED, FULL RANGE CHORD
Volume level laccompagnement: Adjustable
* Recorder
Features: Record in real time, reading
Number of songs: 1
Number of tracks: 2
Capacity: Approximately 5,000 notes maximum
Denregistrement media: flash memory intgre
* Pedals
Strong, Soft / Sostenuto (SP-30)
* Other Features
Select the sensitivity to touch: 3 types, Off
Transposition: 1 octave (12 12 0)
Agreement: A4 = 440.0 Hz 99 cents (variable)
Lock opration
16-channel multitimbral rception
* Input / Output
PHONES: stereo mini jack x 2
Taking pedals: Taken ordinary
Socket adapter: 12 V DC
Pedal connector (for optional SP-30 only)
* Speakers
(12 cm x 6 cm oval) x 2 (Output: 8.0 W + 8.0 W)
* Power
AC adapter AD-12
* Dimensions
132.2 cm (L) 27.8 cm (D) 13.4 cm (H)
Approximately 11.4 kg


The touch is super enjoyable, 88 piano keys with touch type, good is not a "real" piano but we believe it! The use is very simple, no frills.

The minor complaint I would make no output line, it is necessary to amplify it by speaking out that the HP must cut the piano.


Sounds: 2 pianos (modern and classic), 2 electric pianos, organs 1 or 2 ...

I t totally bluffing by piano sounds! I could compare with the Yamaha P70, I think those of Casio more natural, more practitioner.


For piano Numrique "entry level" that sounds good and the air of good quality, I say THANK CASIO!
You can leave with this little toy for 699 (retail price), but easily found around 600!