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Casio Pianos & Organs user reviews

  • Casio PX-3

    Casio PX-3 - "Light weight"


    The Casio Privia PX 3 has 64 effects as well as MIDI in and out all in an 88 key digital piano. The Privia PX 3 is very affordable coming in cheaper than most all of “useable” digital pianos. The best feature of the Privia PX 3 is the fact that it on…

  • Casio SP-3

    Casio SP-3 - "A basic sustain "pedal""


    The Casio SP-3 is a basic sustain pedal that came shipped with my Casio 88-key digital piano. Unlike most regular sustain pedals that are actually shaped like a real piano pedal. the Casio SP-3 is shaped more like a multi-function footswitch, which m…

  • Casio CDP-100

    Casio CDP-100 - "Best deal for a digital piano"


    The Casio CDP-100 is a full-sized, hammer-action, weighted 88-key digital piano. It also features 32-note polyphony, 5 different sounds (including strings and electric piano), midi input and output, demo songs, headphone jack, sustain jack, and much …

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - "Exceptional Feel for Low price"


    This keyboard has the full 88 keybed. The only connections on this unit are 1/4" headphone outputs, USB and a sustain jack. One big complaint by people is that it does not have a dedicated Line output. It does however have built in speakers. The …

  • Casio PX-3

    Casio PX-3 - "nice keyboard"


    This Casio Privia PX- 3bk is great for the money. I’ve always had Roland and Yamaha but Casio has out done themselves. I recommend this piano for the quality of sound and the light weight. I like the fact that it is half the price of the rest. Thank …

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - "great for gigs"


    The Casio Privia PX 330 is spectacular for the price. The touch is wonderful (a fellow accompanist played it and immediately said I got an awesome deal). If you don't need something with tons of complicated buttons and settings, this is the way to go…

  • Casio CDP-100

    Casio CDP-100 - "Lightweight and Finger Friendly"


    This keyboard has the full range of Octaves being that it has 88 keys. Unfortunately the only output on this keyboard is the headphone jack (and the speakers of course). This is a small irritant for me as I only use this keyboard for practice. It …

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - "The best way to get into 88-key digitals"


    This generation of Casio digital pianos has made me a huge proponent of them, over even the popularly preferred Yamaha pianos and certainly over the Korgs. I own the PX-330, but when in Thailand, with nothing to do but shop for pianos, I kept on grav…

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - "A piano that has served me well."


    The Privia PX-330 is quite a gem among the sea of relatively inexpensive pianos. It competes directly with the Korg SP250, which it completely outshines in essentially EVERY regard, save for the Korg's marginal superiority with its electric piano sou…

  • Casio PX-830

    Casio PX-830 - "Casio PX-830"


    It's woodgrain painted jet black, a really, really beautiful finish. I think the best word is that it looks almost 'stealthy' the way it's painted. It's really small as digital pianos go (see Casio's site for details), and with the top down it make…