Casio PX-110
Casio PX-110

PX-110, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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sijobarteam 11/08/2012

Casio PX-110 : sijobarteam's user review

«  Excellent value (touch, sound, production) / price! »

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88 Keys
Ultra Light! (Worn under the arm or in the back with a single shoulder strap ... huge asset to the stage!)
Stereo Grand Piano sound, plus other sounds (violin, bass, rhodes, ability to combine the sounds of them, several sets of battery support)
Sustain pedal (mono, no polarity possible)
Effects: reverb, chorus
Transpose / Tuning
No monitor, fashion buttons / leds
2 built-in speakers (excellent powerful and exceptional record, does not even weigh down together!)
Ability to be mounted in cabinet or in scene mode (remove the wood, and caches up to the place, everything comes with)
Midi In / Midi Out
Two audio outputs (stereo mini jack 3.5mm ONLY .. there on the other hand, it's a little fishing ...!)
Heavy Piano touch (my fingers, the best heavy touch piano in the range less than € 500, compared with Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Kawai ...)


INTENSIVE use for 3 years, bought used (he was a year and was little used).
I lugged around a lot of scenes, outdoor, hot, cold, wet, simply cover protected by foam I have NEVER had any problems with it! Everything still works perfectly, and yet I am the piano rock'n'roll, so pick up the keyboard a lot, glissando, hard-hitting ...
An excellent piano, with a heavy touch good, but in the long run with too little sensitivity .. (Very hard to qualify his game, if you press a button, even extremely slowly come to a stop once a loud sound out .. then with a real acoustic piano there would have been no sound)
The grand piano, and in general everything that comes through the speakers of the keyboard is very good quality!
on the other hand, once plugged into a sound system for the stage, there is a very bad balance between bass and treble (very severe acute low, and few mediums too!) So to return with equalizer behind!
After 2 years, I wanted other sounds, so buying an expander and I have been using as a master keyboard.


A grand piano excellent, rhodes nice, but lack of "distortion" beautiful violins and a bass larger than life.
Équilbre bad bass / treble when the spell on a piano sound (using the stereo output).


3 years of use, transport nuisance, concerts.
No problems, very good finish, extremely robust.
Ultra portable, musician's friend with a fragile back!
Comes in a wide clio 2!
A real heavy touch, despite the entry-level price.
Too few connections (lack a true sound output)
Keyboard sensitivity a little bit ...
After 3 years, I left for a master keyboard upscale, in order to more sensitivity in the game